Friday, November 13, 2009

New Dwarf FAQ/Errata released - Alas poor Thorek...

What the!? A new Dwarf FAQ?

Changes worth noting:
  • Thorek may only use his re-roll once per game.
  • Shooting attacks at the Anvil are not randomized on the warmachine - only on the crew.
  • Dwarf Rangers do not count as Warriors once upgraded.
  • Some clarification on Slayers from the Storm of Chaos book.
Well. Damn. So much for Thorek being overpowered! I wonder who else will be getting the "nerf stick" applied to them with new FAQ/Errata releases!?

UPDATE: My friend Thane Demolira pointed out that most of the GW tournaments have been playing Thorek this way for the past couple years so this isn't totally unexpected. Also, shooting attacks at the Anvil were never randomized and the Dwarf book already covers this.

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