Monday, November 9, 2009

Skaven - 2,250 Clan Moulder Freak Rat Romp!

I love monsters. The Skaven have their Clan Moulder who love monstrous rat creatures. Here is a monstrous rat creature list made with the new Skaven book that I hope to proxy and try out (perhaps collect, assemble, and paint):

LORDS: (225)
Throt the Unclean (225)

HEROES: (270)
Warlock Engineer(15) - Level 2, Shadow Magnet Trinket, Warp-Energy Condenser (150)
Warlock Engineer - Level 1, Dispel Scroll, Warpstone Token, Warpmusket (120)

CORE: (1255)
Rat Ogres x 10 - Master Moulder w/ Electro Whip, Packmasters x 3, Skweel Gnawtooth (580)
Rat Ogres x 10 - Master Moulder w/ Thingcatcher, Packmasters x 4 (485)
Giant Rats x 26 - Master Moulder w/ Thingcatcher, Packmasters x 3 (155)
Giant Rats x 9 - Packmaster (35)

RARE: (500)
Hellpit Abomination - Warpstone Spikes (250)
Hellpit Abomination - Warpstone Spikes (250)

Total Points: 2,250 (of 2,250)
Two big units of Rat Ogres w/ Packmasters and a big block of Giant Rats with Engineers. The smaller pack of Giant Rats is for harassing flanks or claiming table quarters. Giant monsters do what they do best - kill things! I have never played Skaven. Just looking for something fun to play with and model and huge mutant rats seem to be on my mind at the moment. Suggestions for the list are welcomed and encouraged!

It has been awhile since I featured a beer review on the site. I still have a huge backlog of beers I need to review but I thought this one was thematically appropriate.
Indian Wells Brewing Company - Lobotomy Bock

Beer Type: Doppelbock

Appearance: 12 oz. brown bottle with a red "cartoony" label on it. Beer poured a dark reddish black color with a thick head.

Smell: Bready... a bit of sweet dark aroma (chocolate?).

First Drink: A little bit of chocolate but nothing that really sticks around.

Mouthfeel: Thin and a little flat feeling (more carbonation would be nice).

Last Drink: More malt and bread flavors but overall this is a very simple beer.

Drinkability: Seems a bit like Shiner Bock in taste and mouthfeel, but I feel like there should be more going on.

Notes: This beer is 10% alchohol but you can't really taste it. Not great, not bad, this one is just alright (and my brains are still intact).

Verdict: 3 out of 5

Links: Beer Advocate and Indian Wells Brewing Company.


Anonymous said...

Nice list. The Engineers stand out like a sore thumb, though I see why they are there.

You could probably push out the points using Swarms, if you needed to. They come on a monster sized base, and could be modelled to be more monster than straight up swarm.

Randroid said...


I'm not sold on the Engineers but I wanted a little protection from shooting for the Giant Rat block and some magic defense. I don't see any way of getting that without taking them.

Not sure what you mean by the Swarms?

Anonymous said...

The rat swarms, they are fielded on a monster base. So you could convert something up that acts as the swarm, but is instead more monster-ish.

Boss Salvage said...

Alright! I was of a similar mind and mashing up Throt & Skweel lists earlier in the week, but I only mused at the possibility of doing 10 rat ogre units. In those units, why no 5th packmaster? To achieve a somewhat awesome +2CR/LD :D

On the engineers, where are they going? The handgun dude especially I suppose, though he could chill with the baby rat pack for sniper duty ...

Anyway, way cool list, and pure Moulder is the only place IMO that double abominations are not vomit-inducing ;P

- Salvage

Randroid said...

There are 5 packmasters - Skweel has to be upgraded from basic packmaster, master moulder as well, plus another 3 basic ones.

Engineers are simply there for cheap DD, some magic fun, anti-shooting, etc. They will likely live in the Giant Rat packs and cause havoc. Maybe they will just hide in a woods and poke their heads out to blast at stuff?

Having seen the abomination in play I have to say I don't think it is that broken. Most of it's attacks hurt everything it touches (including Skaven) and if it takes just one wound from a flaming attack it has no chance of coming back to life.

They are also too random to be as good as a Giant. You can't count on it getting a charge when you need it to and you might get it to charge something you didn't want it to if you roll 3 doubles.

Anyhow, thanks for the comment! If anyone has their own monster rat-tastic list they would like to share please do!