Sunday, November 22, 2009

Progress Report - Good news / Bad news.

First up, a bit of good news. I am going to have a lot more time to work on models in the next few weeks. I'm hoping to complete the assembly, basing, and priming of my VC force so I can get into the painting and hopefully complete the army before the new year.

The reason I have all this time to spend on models is because of the bad news. I was laid off from my job on Friday. I should be able to collect unemployment until I find a new job but it will still leave me a bit light on cash for any hobby spending for the forseeable future.

Also planning a move back home (Michigan) to be closer to my friends and family - this takes me far from the established WHFB scene here in Texas. Hopefully I will be able to scrounge up some games or get my friends back home addicted to collecting models of their own. I know I will miss the outstanding tabletop scene here in Austin. I didn't know how good I had it...

But enough about me and my (as of lately) crappy life. How about some more WIP pictures of my recent VC model work?

A finished Wraith with green stuff'd hood from the front.

I struggled a bit with the hood at first as it was covering too much of the skull below. I opted for a sort of "half cowl" look with tattered rags and I am pretty happy with the results.

This one was a bit tricky as I had to blend the green stuff hood with the original sculpt.

It looks a bit jaunty but I don't mind. Perhaps this particular Wraith is quite happy about his lot in unlife.

Also finished this little Skeleton unit filler. I bet this guy will be the life of the party.

Last but not least we have a fully assembled and primed Vampire Lord (being played by the mounted Mannfred von Carstein model).

This guy was a pain in the ass to get together as there were a ton of gaps that needed filling and I used one of the Iron Halo resin bases which required pinning and lots of glue to keep him standing upright. He is a bit tipsy and doesn't quite rank up with other cavalry models too well but I really like this model so I guess I will make it work.

That's all for now! Comments, suggestions, and critiques are welcome and encouraged as always.


John@Plastic Legions said...

You're VC are looking awesome, and I wouldn't worry about leaving Texas as far as WFB is concerned. Chicago Metro is every bit as good as Austin, There are numerous clubs/groups a dozen GW stores, a couple good Indy GW's main Battle Bunker Also I know there is crew of guys from Michigan that run a club, but they've been showing up at most of the big events since I got back in 2006. Not sure where you're at in Michigan but if its close to're at least easy range for the big stuff..good luck

Randroid said...

I'll be in Kalamazoo or around those parts. About 2 1/2 or 3hrs outside of Chicago.

I know there is a scene in MI - just not as many big IGT events.

Thanks for the positive comments btw. One of these days I will get these vamps done.

noeste said...

Sorry to read those bad news, but I hope things will work out for you in the end! My ma' always told me that whenever something bad happens, it has it's reasons and a bit further down the way something good will happen to even it out and make it even better in the end! So who knows what the future brings you om Michigan? *smiles*

Hobby-related, I think it's some nice greenstuff work you've done on those Wraiths, and I must admit I've always envied the Undead for their possibilities when it comes to making unit fillers! Really think you've got a great pose on that one, got that "alive" look, as if he's in motion, digging himself out of the ground. Well done!

ahschmidt said...

Sorry to hear about the job situation. If you are k-zoo, and want to make a road trip when you have time out you should come visit Chicago to get some games in. John mentioned the Bunker which is a pretty good spot.

The VC are coming along nicely. I have a friend who is getting into them as well. He is planning on lots of conversions, and alt models as well.

Good luck man!


Randroid said...

Thanks guys!

I will certainly make it over to Chicago as much as possible - at least for some of the events.

Frogfu said...

I am sure the Austinites will miss you, And I already feel the need to have your constant bickering and egging me on about my own minis. Still working on getting my own home to spread out the OnG.

Please keep the blog going as I always need the inspiration. The Greenstuff looks great on the cowl. And I may be starting my own VC as I have a 5 year old infatuated with skellies.

Sorry to hear about the work end, as it was a shock to me as well. I've learned just recently how important family is here for me in Orlando and I know going back home will be a good thing for you. Everything happens for a reason. And now you can bring some high end WH game to Chi-Town!

Again, keep the blog rolling. I look to it for inspirato.


Randroid said...

Thanks MikeyD.

The blog isn't going anywhere. Hell, if I can't get in any games of WH I will have to at least post my random blatherings and model pics!

Painting Skeletons is kind of fun - assembling them not so much! I am glad to have my 60 done, but I still need to put together some Grave Guard. Ugh.