Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Beastmen news and rumors.

Came across a few Beastmen tidbits today while checking the web. First up is this picture which appears to be a scan from WD featuring one of the "new" Gor models (click through to see a larger version).

It doesn't look all that different to me, perhaps most of the changes are in the head and torso? Things of note regarding the new Beastmen models (according to the rumors):
  • Gor models have a few different (not new options) weapons, poses, and shields.
  • Gors come with hand weapons and there is no option for halberds on the sprue - this probably means that option won't be in the book either.
  • Ungors will come with 20mm bases - hope you Beast generals are ready to re-glue a few models! This could also mean the end of mixed herds.
  • Ungors are a little different from the existing models (one or two new heads for instance) and still come with options for spears, shields, and hand weapons.
  • Ungors also come with short bows.
  • Mention of new special characters (and models) which include a Shaman named "Malagor the Dark Omen" and a Centigor special character called "Ghorros Warhoof".
  • Existing Lord and Hero models will likely not be updated.
Hmm. These are just rumors so as always take it with a grain (or two) of salt, but they do come from "respected" rumor sources in the community so it is likely they are mostly accurate. No sure how I feel about Skink style Ungors running around with Short Bows. It just doesn't seem very "Bestial" to me. Spears or Javelins I could see but not Bows (as a funny side note there is a part of the new Gotrek and Felix book that touches on the fact that Beastmen can't shoot bows).


noeste said...

Nice picture, but I don't think that's a new model, but rather an existing one - although lovely converted!

Torso, head and horns are all from the current Beast Herd box as far as I can see, the banner as well, although horns have een added to the skulls, and the big skull on the top is from the WoC Chaos Knights sprue if I'm correct. Really looking forward to the new models anyways, but I think they'll wait a bit with leaking out photos of those, 'til people have emptied their vallets buying Skaven for christmas etc.

Can't say I'm too eager about the bows neither, throwing spears as you said would've been more my cup of tea... One of the unique things about Chaos was the relative lack of shooting, too little brute force in that! Guess we'll have to wait and see, could just be a wild rumour after all!

Randroid said...

According to the poster it is a new model - the plastics haven't changed much. I guess the clue is the loin cloth which is thin and not a solid block of plastic.

The shooting is one thing - its the forming up in ranks after that which is a bit concerning.

I'm sure we will get more over the next couple months.

inanecourage said...

I am pretty sure I remember that, in the dark past of Chaos, they had Centaurs that could take bows. Obviously the Centaur idea was revisited with Centigors, so it isn't unprecidented that they pop bows into a chaos force.

Though I must say, throwing spears, or even throwing axes, seems to make much more sense.

Randroid said...

You're right. I believe it was 2nd or 3rd edition that Beastmen had access to bows.