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Behold! Pictures!

I will be the first to admit I am not technically savvy when it comes to Digital Cameras. I have never owned one so there was never a need to understand this arcane example of high-tech wizardry. The reasons why I have not purchased a Digital Camera are many and varied but it really comes down to just four things.
  1. I am the least photogenic being on Earth. This has been the case since I was born and doctors attempted to photograph the experience for my parents. I have seen the pictures ... and I still can't get the memory of their existence out of my head.
  2. Technical equipment hates me, and I don't like it either. Simply touching a computer is often enough to set it on fire, sparks and glass flying from shattered monitors. Luckily I have found a way to put this talent to good use; I break technical things for a living. I turn good video games into bad news as a QA Lead Tester.
  3. I believe cameras are a gateway to hell, stealing the souls of their victims, sending the portraits into the netherworld .... never to be seen again.
  4. They cost too much. I would rather spend that money on food, video games, booze, and tiny plastic models of fat Ogres.
Even with all of these reasons to never go near a Digital Camera I felt it was my duty to secure photographic evidence of my own WHFB downfall and spiral into madness. I attempted to take some photos of my miniatures with an old outdated model, but they turned out a blurry mess. Luckily I had some dollars burning a hole in my pocket, so I ran out to buy a new Digital Camera, a 12 pack of beer, and a bottle of rum. Now that I am liquored up with technology on my side, nothing can stop me from subjecting you to my crazed model labors! Nothing!

Here are some pictures of the models I have done!

This is my Tyrant/Bruiser model made out of some Ironguts and Bull pieces and a bunch of fine jewelry chain. I don't have a name for him yet. I think he turned out pretty well considering I have no previous experience working with epoxy putty or model customization. I wasn't able to get any "Green Stuff" (the standard for this sort of work) and had to settle for the harder (and harder to work with) Tan A/B epoxy putty. I am told this "Tan Stuff" is usually used for making more rigid additions such as weapons or body parts. I attempted to use it as "Green Stuff" and it didn't go so well. It sets up very fast, in about 20-30 mins, and I didn't have enough time to work out all the kinks. Still ... I think it he turned out good overall.

Here is a side view showing off his psuedo-fur top and crappy rivet belt. Notice the chains woven through the skull eyes ... yeah. Intense levels of "badassitude" right there.

This is a view from the other side. I intend to eventually get a real Tyrant model once I can convince myself $35 is a good deal for one model that I don't particularly like that much. This guy will be relegated to Bruiser status once that occurs. Notice the keg by his feet. The theme of my tribe is drinking; both blood and beer. Still working on picking a name for the tribe, and thus the Characters in it. The current leaders are:
  • Beer Guts Tribe
  • Beer Gut Tribe
  • Blood Keg Tribe
  • Blood Guts Tribe
If you have an opinion on any of these, let me know. I can't possibly make a decision this important on my own.

This is my first Butcher. I made him out of Bull parts and a bunch of "Tan Stuff". The apron didn't turn out as good as I had hoped it would, but overall I am happy with it. It could have been much worse given my experience level (especially working with the "Tan Stuff"). You can't see it in this picture but the staff he is holding is a Man Trap on one end with a Cleaver on the other. This weapon represents many of the common Magic weapons used by Butchers, but I had the "Bangstick" in mind when I made this.

Here is a view from the back. I wanted to add some ritualistic piercings on his back and shoulders, but the "Tan Stuff" wasn't working. I clipped the rings and attempted to glue them directly, resulting in the white schmang you see here. I plan on cleaning it up before I prime this model for painting. I may add some "Green Stuff" now that I have it to make it look more like an actual piercing on his body.

This is my second Butcher, also made from a Bull and a bunch of "Tan Stuff". I made this one bigger, with a larger belly and apron/smock. The cord/belt I added didn't turn out as well I as I would have liked, and I may go back and add more details with some "Green Stuff" ... or just add them in the painting. Pretty straight forward conversion here, nothing too fancy.

Here is a view from the back. You can see he suffers from the glue/piercing issue as well, although it looks much less noticeable on this model.

Next up is my Tribe's Battle Standard. I wanted to make this guy look really bad ass for a standard bearer. He is wearing a skull mask, has a lookout gnoblar, with a huge ironfist and giant standard. I really like this model. I hope I don't screw up the pain job!

From the back you can see the back of the headpiece. I tried to make it look like an animal skin headdress, but it is mostly there to cover up the poor conversion underneath. The chains are there for the high level of "badassitude" they provide (being chains and all).

Here are my five Bull models. The Battle Standard is technically a Bull as well, although I would use him for an Ironguts if needed. There is a standard here as well with a Gnoblar in a perch. I took off the flag because it didn't look good leaning forward. Four of these models have slight modifications with straps/belts holding on extra weapons, kegs, etc. The only model I have any "fluff" for in this group is on the far right, Dr. Club. He has a lot of clubs on him. He is like a field medic, but his only remedy is beating people in the head with various sizes of clubs. Sometimes it works ....

You can see the modifications made with "Tan Stuff" a little better from this view. I am proud of the way these all turned out. I am working on an additional seven other Bulls which may be a bit more generic then these fellas (then again, maybe not).

Nothing too fancy here, just Ogres in Heavy Armor with Greatweapons. Two of these models have extra straps/belts added to hang their kegs on. I am working on an additional four Ironguts which will be pretty basic as well. You can't really change the perfect combination of heavy armor, big weapons, and Ogres.

Another view from the back. I am really proud of the little bit of fringe on the belt of the Standard Bearer. That was really hard to do with the "Tan Stuff" and I screwed it up about 16 times before I finally got it right.

So there you have it. I have mastered my daemons and brought you pictures of my maniacal works. I have some things not pictured of course. Here is the list:
  • 60 Gnoblar Warriors (yes, I really have 60 of them)
  • 4 Ironguts
  • 7 Bulls
  • 8 Gnoblar Trappers
  • 1 Giant
I just purchased the Giant kit today as I was not able to find a Hunter model and I didn't want to spend the same amount of money on two Yhetees. The Giant may suck in the game (so I have heard anyway), but the kit is fucking awesome! So many different parts, and extra bits. I am really going to have fun putting that one together.

You can expect a small progress report later next week. I didn't get to play any WHFB this week, but I did watch another player attempt to run the Ogres against the Orcs & Goblins. It didn't end well. The OK player bunched up all their units and got smashed by Savage Orc Boyz and Black Orcs. I learned a valuable lesson though: challenging a Tyrant/Bruiser with the Tenderiser is a sure way to get your Characters killed.

Until next time ...

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