Friday, May 16, 2008

Progress Report 5/16/08.

Another week, another handful of models cut, trimmed, cleaned, glued, molded, shaped, and based. I have "completed" one Tyrant (made from Battalion box extras, Iron Gut bits, putty, and chains), and two Butcher models (made from Battalion box extras, Bull bits, putty, and metal rings). I am pretty happy with the results given the state of my talent, the tools at hand, and the amount of time I spent working on them. I wish I could show you what the looked like! Maybe I will grab some pictures with my terrible digital camera this weekend.

I still have 3 Iron Guts, 4 Bulls, 4 Lead Belchers, and 20+ Gnoblars to put together. We'll see how many I can make it through in the remainder of this week.

Work has been crazy which has prevented Tabletop Tuesday (my weekly WHFB game) from occurring this week. Next week looks like it might be shot as well, so I might have time to start my base coat priming.

I have decided to use the "dipping" method of painting for my Ogre Kingdoms models. This is a combination of painting, and staining to achieve a more uniform look with less work. Since I am not particularly skilled at painting, nor do I have the excessive amount of time required to do it well, this method should help me out a great deal. I will be deciding on a theme and selecting my base paint colors off of that. Still working out who and what my Ogre tribe are.

Tonight while I attempt at piecing together 20+ Gnoblars I will be consuming a six pack of a Mexican classic; Negra Modelo. My review follows:
Beer Type: Vienna Lager

Appearance: 12oz. stubby brown bottle with the black, yellow, and gold foil cover and label. Poured a light brown with a thin off-white head that quickly dissipated.

Smell: Roasted malts and a little nutty aroma. Hard to make out, but there is just a hint of hops in there as well.

First Drink: Crisp, refreshing, and dark. I am a fan of brown (or darker) lagers and ales and I have always enjoyed this beer.

Mouthfeel: Very smooth and light with just a bit of carbonation.

Last Drink: This beer gets sweeter as it sits and warms up. Almost hard to distinguish from Newcastle at some points (aside from the Licorice Newcastle smell).

Drinkability: I typically don't drink Mexican beers as they tend to give me a severe headache. This beer does that sometimes as well, but it is my default beer when eating Mexican food. I like to drink mine with a wedge of lime as the acid really brings out the roasted malt flavors in the beer.

Notes: Beats the hell out of Corona.

Verdict: 3.75 out of 5. Well crafted with good flavor and balance. I need to try the direct imitation Bohemian some day as well.

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