Sunday, June 1, 2008

More pictures ...

I am still trying to get the hang of this damn digital camera. As mentioned in my previous post, technology and I do not get along very well. We have a shaky truce at best. After fighting with the camera for a bit I came up with these pictures of my recently assembled Iron Guts, Bulls, and Slave Giant models.
First up, the Bulls!

Even though the base weapon for these core units is the Ogre Club, I wanted to have an "elite" force of Ogres armed with chopping devices. These guys like to cut stuff up into tiny little bits, eat a few of those bits, and then chop 'em up some more. "CHOP CHOP CHOP!! Hur hurr hur!" I like the one on the far left who looks a bit like Danny Trejo (or at least I imagine he does) with a hunk of meat hanging from his fist.

See the resemblance?

From the back you might be able to make out the keg and weapon belts I added to the models, one of which features a nice big metal ring. This was something I wanted to add to my older modifications but the "Tan Stuff" did not play nice with small metal additions such as this. I am really happy with the way these belts came out.

Here is another unit of Bulls, this one with two "Belchers" in it. I saw another army which featured "Belchers" as Musicians in place of the regular Bellowers and I loved the idea. Here is my super-fast and cheap version of the "Belcher" with ale stein.

Here is the same group again from behind. You may be able to see more of the belts with rings in this picture. Check out the "Belcher" on the far left which has something like suspenders holding up his cask of ale. I am really proud of this one, and it took me way too long to get it right!

Next up is my second unit of Ironguts. These are slightly more exciting then the last as I tried to make some subtle changes to make them look a bit more dynamic. I am a fan of small modifications that can be easily done to make the base models just a bit different, but not too different.

Here you can see the belts with casks and weapons on the back of the Ironguts. You can never have too many weapons when you are charging into battle!

That is all the pictures I have for the Core units. I spent a good portion of the yesterday working on the "Green Stuff" for them and patching up my Slavegiant before assembling him today. Here are some pictures of my Slavegiant!

I didn't really like the suggested head for the Ogre Kingdoms Slavegiant so I went with a modified version of the O&G Giant instead. There are quite a few bones and skull in my army already so I thought it would work well. I added a bit of chain to hold the skull in place, and chains around the wrists of the giant as well (he is a slave after all).

A view from one side of the Slavegiant. You can see his chain "Leash" hanging off his back, as well as snacks for later on (Mr. Cow and his bag full of chum). Notice the "mercy killing" arrow sticking out of his bag. Those poor, delicious, souls. You can see one side of the Keg Hammer, which is basically a tree with a Keg full of skunky ale tied to the end. The stench alone is enough to kill most strong men, and thats not counting the Slavegiant's strength on top of that!

And last but not least, a view from the other side of the Slavegiant. You can make out the end of the "Leash" for the Slavegiant, which is usually in the hands of a Tyrant (which I have yet to name for my tribe) before being let loose on any enemies nearby. You can also see more of the Keg Hammer from this angle. I am really happy with the way this model turned out and I have to say it was some of the most fun I have had with this hobby as of yet. If you are playing an army that features a Giant, do yourself a favor and get this kit!

And that was the majority of my week in progress. I had a small scuffle with an O&G army this week, and my Ogres got trounced in the process. Next week I will do a better job of taking notes and grabbing pictures of the battle so I can post an update here.

The "to do" list for this week is as follows:
  • Assemble Hunter, Sabercats, and additional Trapper models.
  • Assemble Gnoblar Scraplauncher model.
  • Assemble Butcher model.
  • Prime all of my army
Somehow I doubt I will manage all of that. If only I had more time ...

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