Saturday, May 3, 2008

Re: Baby steps up a short bullet spewing hill.

Received some feedback on my first battle against the Dwarfs in the Ogre Stronghold forums and I thought it would make a good post here.

From user Mercules:
Wow... that was pretty one sided and ugly.

Terrain was against you - Bunch of hills in both deployment zones so no screening against the fire of the Organ Gun and nothing to hide behind or in.

Magic was against you - 4 Dispel Dice vs. your 4 casting dice and your 3 Dispel Dice did you zero good(while against another army they might have been crucial).

There are a few reasons I run the list as dispersed as I do.

1. Maneater can not join the bulls. Seriously, although the commander, he can't join up with any other units. That is why I throw the Butcher in with him, they protect each other.

2. 4 Bulls is 140 points and can still be panicked by the loss of a single Bull in the shooting phase. 2 units of 2 Bulls are the same cost, but if they panic the one unit by shooting it, the remaining bull is US 3 and if it runs through my troops it will not panic them as well.

3. Multiple units gives me more flexibility in getting those Flank Charges.

I don't think it would have made much difference in this case. This is actually a match-up I have been dreading. This or Empire with the Hellblaster. Without terrain this becomes a HUGE uphill battle.

The only things I might have done different, besides running the list more broken up, would have been to cast Braingobbler with 1 die and then tried to cast 3 other spells. Trollguts or Toothcracker could have really helped on your units. If he didn't manage to dispel them he could remove them on his turn with his 2 casting dice vrs a 7. If you get two buffs off he can only remove one and might fail. If you throw one die, then one die, then one die, then one die, you might fail a roll, but you might also get lucky and roll a 5 or 6 which can push him to use 2 dice on dispelling so you can get a spell or two through.

When you did get over there I might have charged the Maneater into the Organ Gun crew. If they failed their Fear check you could have destroyed the gun as they ran away. The Thane would likely charge you in turn and they are hard as iron and can be very nasty, but you might get your 5 attacks on him and do some damage.

That was about the worst setup you could have run into so don't get discouraged. That battle was swung in his direction before the first turn started. icon_smile Good luck on future battles.
Thanks for the response Mercules. Hopefully my explanation will help shed some light on how I played the way I did, and why (the Great Maw knows I need some explanation myself!).

The good news is your suggestions are mostly in line with how I attempted to play (aside from the Maneater commander which I screwed up ... didn't know they couldn't join a unit).

I didn't mention it in my last post but the way I attempted to cast the spells (for the most part) was as you described: 2 to 1 die for each spell, hoping that the Dwarfs would attempt to dispel them and run out of dice. This probably would have worked if it had not been for my terrible rolls.

As for charging the Organ gun crew, the thing about Dwarfs is they have Leadership 9 which I have rarely seen fail. The Organ Gun was also close enough to the Thane to use his check, but I believe that is 9 as well (maybe 10?). The 10 Thunderers directly to the right of my Maneater would have taken care of him regardless of what happened to the Organ Gun at that range as well. It was really a lose/lose situation on that hill. I knew if I tied up his Warriors in CC he wouldn't be able to fire at me and would have to go for the Gnoblar which is why I flanked them instead.

As for Gnoblars, I am not too concerned with using or not using them. I can certainly see their value, especially the Trappers with their scout abilities.

I have some thoughts on how to approach this battle in the future. Hopefully next time the OK will come out on top (with a big stinking pile of stunty lil ones beneath my massive feet).

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