Sunday, March 12, 2017

Progress Report 3/12/17 - 52 Minis Week 10

This week was spring break. I had hoped to get lots of painting done but it turned out to be a very busy week of work and my evenings filled up with other activities. I managed to get a little bit of painting done but it was just finishing up some Nurgle models I had yet to complete. 

It's the first day of Spring and this lot is bringing things back to life... in the Nurgle way!

The herald. Bringing back the funk with his collection of bells, guts, and mummified heads!

His back  up band leaders, aka the command group. Heads a plenty! 

Roadies. Can't they just clean up their act a bit? This puts my total at something like 20.

And a group shot just for fun. They look gross, funny, and monstrous which is pretty much exactly what I wanted. The bases are not 100% finished and I have yet to add the final goo and gore which will come after I seal them up. Thinking about playing some form of Nurgle in a local escalation/narrative campaign in the works so I figured it was time to crank these guys out.


John Lambshead said...

Nothing worse than to be caught by the Nurgles. Just working on some blight kings,myself.

Randroid said...

They just want to give you a hug!