Thursday, March 16, 2017

Beer Review - Dark Horse Brewing CoffPA

Dark Horse Brewing Company - CoffPA 

Beer Type: American IPA - 6.50% ABV

Appearance: Dark Horse style (modern era) artwork on the label here. A crooked tree and some coffee beans. Beer is a dirty potato water color and kinda hazy with a thin off-white head.

 I can smell a lot of malt and some coffee with just a bit of hops.

First Drink:
 Coffee up front is quickly surpassed by pine and citrus hops but then mellows out to a nice roasted malt/coffee finish.

 Medium body with a bit prickly carbonation.

Last Drink:
 Bitter flavors coming out now in the coffee/dark malt roast. Also something a bit orange?

 I really wasn't sure what to expect of this beer and I am pleasantly surprised! I could have a few of these no problem.

 A limited edition beer that was a part of their IPA 12 pack. Not sure how often this one gets brewed.

4 out of 5. Nice complex flavors with both coffee and IPA touches.  

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