Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Progress Report 2/25/15 - Mordheim ho!

It has been a busy few weeks for me as my new job has kicked into high gear with the grand opening of our store (which happened today!). Sadly this has left me very little time for painting or playing games. But I did manage to sneak in two games of Mordheim this week with crushingly fun results!!

Played two games (which will count as the first towards a progressive campaign in the works) here at the Drinkin' and Modelin' gaming basement (which is still under construction). I had a 4'x4' table and Furry brought over the terrain he had been working on. The results were good and the games began!

Game 1 - Randroid's Undead vs. Furry's Witch Hunters

This game started off strong for the Undead with the Surprise Attack scenario and the Witch Hunters being the warband who were surprised. Not sure what they wanted with all the Wyrdstone but my intrepid band of Undead (names and backstory shall be coming soon I promise) snuck up on them and launched a viscous attack against the unsuspecting Witch Hunters. After turn 1 they were already making Route tests but failed to fail which failed to end the scenario. After taking some additional troops out of action the Witch Hunters stubbornly fought back and refused to leave before taking the life of one Dreg and beating the crap out of a couple Ghouls. The game finally ended sometime between turn 9 and 10 when the Witch Hunters Routed voluntarily to avoid being snacked on by the hordes of Undead advancing on their positions. Here are a few shots of the action (in all their blurry glory):

Nice doggy! Fiddles the Dire Wolf gets his snack on.
Surrounded by Ghouls this Flagellant will go down swinging.
Vampire and Dreg meat shield attack from the rear.
"Just take'n a peek..." said this Dreg before getting shot in the head.
Casting necromantic spells has never been so fun!

Game 2 - Randroid's Undead vs. Beaux's Skaven

Damn dirty rats! This time it was a good ol' fashioned Wyrdstone Hunt in the ruins with 3 hunks up for grabs among the power hungry warbands. The Skaven quickly scattered and used their superior speed and agility to claim 2 piece of the Wyrdstone while the Undead slowly made their way up behind cover in an attempt to avoid the shooting onslaught which came their way. While the Ghouls headed up the flank the Vampire and his doggy friend Fiddles rushed the Skaven warband leader and gave him a whack before taking his Wyrdstone. The game ended up Turn 6 after the Skaven failed a Route test and scurried off with the last remaining chunk of the glowing green stone. And here are a couple shots I grabbed during the action:

Sneaky Skaven up in the top of the building with their Wyrdstone.
Kinda like "Where's Waldo" but with rats!!
"Just go running out there... you just got a toughness boost!"
Grozman the learned Necromancer hangs back with his Wyrdstone.
"He is up on the wall! He is invincible!!"
Rats with sharp sticks keep the Ghouls at bay.
Had quite a few increases including boosted WS and Ini stats for the Vampire leader. He is quickly becoming quite the force to be reckoned with! Toughness boosted Dreg and Ghoul make up for some of the lack of "punch" and we might just get a few Zombies added to the roster before the next time the Undead hit the streets.... gotta keep 'em guessing!

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