Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dog Bowl III - Tournament recap.

Late is better than never right??

Well over a week ago Furry and I held our annual Blood Bowl event here in Kalamazoo at the Marmalade Dog WMU gaming convention... the Dog Bowl! This was the third year we've held the event and the second year we've run the build rules which focuses on giving the underdog Tier 2 and Tier 3 teams a fighting shot at winning a tournament (also I hate Elves and tire of playing against Dwarfs). 14 coaches from around the Midwest braved the winter onslaught for three rounds of dog eat dog Blood Bowl action!

This year I brought out the Human team I built alongside my Necromantic and Undead team... the Zlurp-Outcasts! This was the first time I played Humans (ever) and it was a good deal of fun. I tend to shy away from the "boring" teams that aren't made up of fantasy creatures or monsters but my Human team is all Zombies so I can get past the boring aspect. 

Roster was something easy to keep track of and play:

Guard on the Blitzers, Block on the two Catchers and Ogre, and Dodge on the Thrower. Light on the rerolls but I figured the amount of rerolls in skills would help make up for that and it did indeed help (though it didn't help failing those skill rerolls all day). Ended up the day with a record of 2/0/1 in a three game tournament which feels like a good outing for my first time with the team. Only loss was to the tournament champion Siggylama who trounced the Outcasts good with his Chaos Pact team (returning Dog Bowl II champions the Frozen Flames).

It was so much fun I am contemplating running another event later this year! Assuming I have time and can find a good space to play/theme for the event. Until next year I leave you with a few photos from Dog Bowl III!

Rowdykatie and Siggylama square off in Round 1 (Dog Bowl 1 and 2 champs)

Trophies made for Dog Bowl with a 3D printer!
Close up shot of the Champion 1st place trophy.

Hind Dog (last place) "winner" Fejwe (Slann)
Junkyard Dog (Most CAS) winner Valdric (Halflings)
Greyhound (Most TD) winner Big Stray Cat (Ogres)
2nd Place (Butt Sniffer?) winner Delevus (Vampires)
Best In Show (1st Place) winner Siggylama (Chaos Pact)


Tristan M said...

Looks like fun - you should join Vanderby on his trip up north in about a month's time for my Canadian Open!

Randroid said...

I'd like to but I doubt I will be able to make it due to my new job. It's on the radar for sure though...

Tristan M said...

psssh, job

Jeremy Morse said...

Nice write-up! It was a fun game (though not so much for your useless Catchers).