Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Progress Report 5/21/14 - In a bit of a Deadzone.

Time for some painting progress! First up is the Ogre Maneater I am making for a fellow Ogre lover and friend named Gnoblar_Herder (well that is one name he goes by, another one is Al). These are just basecoats and I haven't done any details yet.

Then we have a bunch of Deadzone Rebs models with paint on them (I put the paint on). Still a WIP! Also a building I slapped together to give them a place to "hang out" at. It's a little run down...

And the last photo is the rest of the Rebs force I was hopiing to have painted this month but didn't manage to finish quite yet. About to get back at! Let me know what you think of my palette choices as this was the first time I have painted something "modern" or "sci fi" outside of the Goliath gang. 

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Anonymous said...

Very nice. I like the look of those Deadzone models, they have a pleasing eclectic appearance and you've painted them up very nicely.