Monday, July 8, 2013

KUBBL 5 - Week 1: Time for amphibian blood...

It's that time again! Time for a new season of Blood Bowl in our local KUBBL league. Brought back the Khorne R'Backs for their third season and as you can see they are developing quite nicely...

A few teams decided to go all out on bounties on the KRB even though they didn't actually play against the team in any meaningful way... the joys of being a bashy team I suppose!?

For a full run down on the local league action check out The Spiked Ball - a blog run by one of our co-commissioners  Furry. He has some crazy season predictions that mostly allow for the KRB to crush all opponents and take the whole bloody enchilada. We'll see how that goes as the blood thirsty minions of Khorne face off against the agile alien amphibians of the Lethal Leap today! Our record going into the match is quite telling... 3-0 on TD and 12-1 on casualties. Let the good (head) times roll!!


Blood was spilled but the frogs managed to sneak by once early in the game for a turn 2 TD and then capitalize on a bad pass to break away headed into the second half. The KRB fought back and brought out the big +AG guns and answered back with two TD of their own to tie up the game and gave themselves time to crush the opposition even among the army of apothecaries and babes on the sidelines. Final result 2-2 with KRB dishing out  a hefty 7 causalities  (3 coming from one player - Maim Fist'r) while sustaining no damage themselves.


Axtklinge said...

What a great league start!
Looking forward to read more about the "predicted" bloody enchilada!!

Any chance you could have a pic or two during the games to pimp up the blog report? I bet every one would love to see pitch action, and be inspired by other leagues teams!

Randroid said...

Yes! I will work to get some photos of our next game... I try not to take pictures unless all the minis are painted!