Sunday, July 14, 2013

Progress Report 7/14/13 - A mini a day keeps something away.

I wish I could paint a mini a day. I could come close maybe... if I spent less time reading, playing boardgames and roleplaying games with people, working, cooking, etc. I've been regularly painting for at least 15 minutes a day for the past few months and that has been grand. Now I just need to settle in for a few painting marathons and I will be well on my way to being done with this list:
  • Finish painting Blood Bowl team I am taking to Chaos Cup 2013 (top secret shhhh)
  • Paint a Witch Elf for the Chaos Cup 2013 Legacy Team (started - see below)
  • Paint up more minis for Player Characters in the RPG campaigns I am in (again - see below)
  • Keep painting the Goliath gangers for the SKULLKRUSHAS
  • Finish painting the two other Blood Bowl teams I have started (Elf and Flings)
  • Paint all the scenery I have built and build more
  • Work on my gaming table
So much to do! So little time!! Oh well. Tis the life of a nerd hobby fanatic I suppose. On to the photographic evidence of my time (well?) spent!!

D&D 3.5 group shot with the in-laws. That's me on the right (Hinson the Halfling Rogue).
From another D&D 3.5 group - WIP basecoats and some highlights of Quarion the Elf Sorcerer.
Yet another D&D 3.5 figure - WIP basecoats on Jojak the (kinda) Paladin.
Sloppy basecoats for the Witch Elf I will be adding to the Chaos Cup 13 Legacy Team.
That's a lot of hair!!
Ganger Juve #2. I think this guy has a name but I can't recall it at the moment.
Pretty happy with how he turned out though I was going for a darker skin tone.
Two Juves down, a whole damn gang of Goliath to go!!

Oh yeah... a lot of those minis come from the huge amount of stuff that came in this little guy a few weeks back.

So many minis!!! First impressions... well there is some downsides to this Bones stuff. My figures had quite a few mold lines and a lot of bent out of shape bits. I guess that is the price you pay for a cheaper fig but cleaning them up and rebending bits has been a huge chore. Also, maybe you aren't supposed to prime these minis? They don't take to it well and the minis I have primed from this batch have a tacky/sticky feeling to them for a week or so before they cure. They also react a bit odd to paint when the primer is still in this state. Initial review... value 10/10, quality 7/10, quantity 10/10, variety 7/10, overall 8/10.

Well that's enough for now. Off to start my first adventure in a third (!!!) RPG campaign. This time it's Pathfinder (aka D&D 3.5+). Until next time... 



eriochrome said...

The reaper forum says that not to prime them. Wash them in soapy water and do a direct base coat of paint that has not been watered down. You can dilute the paint with acrylic media but not water.

Randroid said...

Thanks for the info. I kinda guessed that might be the case. Did wash them first but yeah... primer is not a friend of this material.