Wednesday, July 24, 2013

KUBBL 5 - Week 2: Two weeks late is not late enough for ELF VIOLENCE

Yup. Time for ELF VIOLENCE. Courtesy of this week's matchup between the KRB and the disgusting Dark Elf flavored GrymmLurke Lads. This is the second season for the Dark Elf variety of the Lads and they are shaping up nicely. He's managed to spread around the SPP and skill up some of his Linemen, Blitzers, and Runners while not taking a heavy toll in the bash game. UNTIL NOW?!

The combination of Claw+Mighty Blow should make swift work of the AV8 Elf paste in pants and I expect up and coming KUBBL legend Bloodgutter to make a very special appearance and decapitate a pointy eared head or two. Don't believe me? Check out this write up on Bloodgutter over on the Spiked Ball and see what they have to say!


GrymmLurke Lads received the first kick off and got a quick snap. Bitescum makes a two dice two headed cage busting blitz with a reroll but only gets two pushes and two more pushes for his trouble. GrymmLurke Lads score on turn 2.

Khorne R'Backs get the return kick and proceed to drive their meatgrinding bus down the field sending most of the GrymmLurke Lads to the KO box and score on Turn 8 even after coach Max blasts 3 of 5 caged players with a Wizard's fireball.

Khorne R'Backs receive the kick after a perfect defense is rolled but Gorefoul drops the ball on his pass. While the GrymmLurke Lads attempt to pressure the lose ball a few failed dodges and GFI keep them on their backs. After some positioning by coach Max the Khorne R'Backs are able to retrieve the ball and chain push Wobbledog into scoring position with his MV7 and two successful GFI for a two turn Chaos score.

GrymmLurke Lads receives the ball again but quickly loses it due to failed dodges and GFI giving the Khorne R'Backs the opportunity to capitalize on their mistakes. Spittleslash breaks away from the GrymmLurke Lads and manages to run down the clock for the last turn score finishing the game 3-1 for Khorne R'Backs.

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