Monday, June 3, 2013

Progress Report 6/3/13 - Necrotrolls

New home is great. Still working out the kinks and upacking things as we go. Kitchen is about 90% of the way there and the rest of the house is following suite. Haven't had as much time to paint as I would like but this is mostly due to changes at work and using the free time to play D&D! More on that later perhaps... for now here are some minis! 

Troll-gating mini for the 40 Miners Big House turned out pretty good. Vision was a big dumb stone troll covered in Gnoblar/Goblinoid things who are ready to party. I think it conveys that nicely. Hopefully he will look good in the new stadium seating!

Also spent some time finishing up the building and magnetizing of my first Necromunda gang... the Goliaths known as the Skullkrushas!! Added a couple of converted gangers made from 40k bits too. More on these guys as they are painted and completed. 

Still working on terrain as well... you might see it in the background of these photos if you peek. This week I am headed back to Austin for a work related thing so no painting for me. Until next time...


Axtklinge said...

Love that Troll!
Great job, congrats!

DrunkethWizerd said...

No guarantees man... but if something hits me regarding Monsters and Beer, I'll draw it out and send it your way.

I lost my photoshop a few years back so I can't do anything really cool with logos or colors or adapting, so if I get something drawn up it'll just be the dimensions most likely in black n' white.

Randroid said...

Hell yeah! Black and white would be great. If the mood hits... hit it back!