Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Progress Report 6/18/13 - Gang on!

Life is good. Life is busy. And not just the normal "work" busy - full of nerd things like three (three!?) different roleplaying games/groups, my local Blood Bowl league, boardgames, and invites to play all kinds of stuff. I am awash in nerd times and it is good. 

Still dying to get Necromunda going. I know I will suck. I chose a difficult gang to play. I want to paint them all! Here is my first Goliath ganger for the Skullkrushas!!! He's a Juve named....

Basecoats ho!
Basecoats rear!
"First ima stab yeh..."
"...then ima put this gun up yer bum!"
Painted him up in about 1 hour. Pretty darn happy with the results! I started with the "easy" skin tone and plan on working into some more "difficult" skin tones as I paint the gang. Multi-racial gangers all the way!! 

I have three (three!?) incoming painting projects/comissions I need to work on in addition to:
- Halfling (crablings) Blood Bowl team
- Orc (finishing them) Blood Bowl team
- Dark Elf (yuck!) Blood Bowl team
- Goliath gang
- A stack of WHFB minis (Chaos!!!!!)

I feel I need to spend more time in my new painting "studio" in the next few months. Time to get back to work!!

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Tristan M said...

he's looking good bro!
if you do get around to playing - be sure to check out Anthony Cases updated rules and the new Community Edition he put out.