Monday, March 11, 2013

Progress Report 3/11/13 - Necrowhat?

Busy! Still busy. Did I mention I am buying a house? Things are looking 99% likely at this time and we are hoping to hear something concrete this week. If everything goes as planned I will be moving at the end of this month!? What?! Gotta keep packing...

In the meantime I have decided to not paint anything too outlandish while I work on gathering my meager belongings and moving them all to a new space. The regular KUBBL lads are still interested in playing some Necromunda so things are moving (again) on that front. Been bit by the "terrain bug" a bit and having fun slapping some stuff together out of what I have laying around. The results so far..

A bunker of sorts.
The back side (and access ladder) of the bunker.
Slapped together bandit tower.
The other side of the tower with sludge pool.
A crater with debris and a crumbled wall section of sorts.
Pardon the dust on the top of my cabinet. Just moved some clutter off in an attempt to begin the "move" and didn't clean it off before photo time. The horror!!

Also spent some time getting together my Goliath gang. It's strictly out of the box type stuff so far. Thinking about adding a bit of detail stuff still. Gotta break out the green stuff. In the meantime...

Behold! The Skullkrushas!!
Gangers - Arak Jawcrusher, Nazagut Limbripper, and Ragreth Boneshaker
Gang Leader Sergat Leadbelly and Gang Heavy Bozutt Ironjaw
Juves - Yuzong the Baited and some guy we don't know yet...
Still have a handful of weapons I need to magnetize for options and some details to do on most of the bases, but I think they are coming along nicely. Looking forward to painting them! I think this will be the first "40k like" thing I have ever painted??

That's all for now. Dropped out of the running for the KUBBL 3 playoffs after losing to the league leader due to a dismal showing of dice disaster. Playing a consolation match against Elves again today. Is there a better consolation prize than the the opportunity to kill some Elves!? I think not.


Tristan M said...

wonder if Xtreme has any necro terrain. we are looking at getting a campaign going soon too, I have a bunch of walkways near completion.

if he did we could all bring gangs down for friday night necro!

Porky said...

Seeing so many of those Goliaths unpainted takes me right back and the terrain looks the part too. That's a simple but very good-looking hardpoint.

Randroid said...

Thanks gents!

Just getting into Necro so I have no idea if I will like it or not. Of course I took one of the hardest gangs to play... we'll be playing the NEC rules which are a little nicer to the Goliaths.

I have some other terrain that I never photographed which is also in the mix and I plan on building more.. much more!!! It's kind of addicting.