Monday, March 18, 2013

KUBBL 3 - Khorne R'backs Season 1 Finish.

Today was the day... the end of the third season of KUBBL. The Khorne R'backs played their last game of the season (to secure fifth place) against the Human powerhouse of the Red Cedar Riots. While the Humans were down an Ogre, and had a few less players due to their playoff games, the Riots beat KRB in the regular season and this time the forces of Chaos were out for blood!

Sadly they brought pillows instead of powerful claws. Though they managed to break armor many times in the first half of the game the KRB only did 1 KO and no casualties during the first half. A short rash of KO rolls came in early on in the second half but the one and only casualty for the KRB during the game was towards the end of the game by "new" player Bloodgutter the Minotaur. 

After scoring to secure a skill up for the Chaos Warrior Gutsqueeze Gnarloc, the KRB had to fight the Riots back in order not to tie. A last ditch effort on the part of the Riots almost allowed them the score but the final pass was inaccurate and scattered out of bounds leaving the KRB with the 2-1 win and only 1 casualty for the entire game. The KRB finish their first season in the league with a 5-1-3 record and a total of 24 casualties for the mighty KHORNE.

On to KUBBL 4... hopefully this time with more SKULLS and BLOOD. 

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Paul of the Man Cave said...

Thats a great season of development there mate - they are going to be nasty next season!