Monday, August 20, 2012

Progress Report 8/20/12 - Rot on!

Nothing new or exciting to report. Still not spending much time painting and even less time gaming. Hoping to reanimate the old BB league next month or give up and find a new gaming group (a few likely candidates in the wings...) but I hope it doesn't come to that.

Here's the mostly finished Nurgle Warrior for the Chaos Cup 2012 Nurgle Legacy team. Gotta seal him and add the final shiny details before it is "done". Pardon the somewhat shite photography:

I like how the eyes turned out.
#13 on my Nurgle team the Nurgland Germs died almost every game I played.
I'm also planning on doing up this Rotter for addition to the team. Here's the kit-bash with some patented "shitty priming" added for effect. 

Tried to give him a Nurgle mutation of one eye and a horn.
More to come! Later! Now I am off to the comic book store to drool over boardgames I can't play!


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Like it, especially how he looks kind of wet.