Monday, August 6, 2012

Progress Report 8/6/12 - One model at a time...

It's that time again... time for photos of one WIP model! That's right. In the month of July I didn't manage to complete painting even one model! I am not proud of it but I also don't hate what I have gotten done on this Nurgle Warrior for the Chaos Cup 2012 Legacy team. Here is where he stands as of today:

Nurgly frontage.
Nurgly backsides.
Hoping to have the finishing details and basing complete this week. What do you think? I noticed the "up close and personal" shots make him look a lot grungier and sloppily painted. The reality looks a bit better I think. Of course I want him to have some grungy gunk... so it's a fine line.

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