Monday, September 10, 2012

A merry Deathrolling compeition begins!

Why hello there poor neglected blog! I've been cracking away at some non-hobby projects which have eaten up some of my gaming and painting time, but I just came across something that literally had me drop everything and start scrounging in my bits box:

Ultimately the goal is to have a Deathroller model for use in a Deathroller race of some kind (some rules and ideas on that here as well) and what better way to encourage the building and usage of these deathmachines than holding a competition?

Here is where I have started after about 10 mins work with my bits. Still have a ways to go but the basic structure and idea are coming together:

A Gnoblar driven scrap heap begins to take shape...
So what are you waiting for!? Dig into your bits box and start scrappin' together a rolling deathmachine worthy of the name.... DEATHROLLER.

1 comment:

Axtklinge said...

Wow, that's looking great!
Looking forward to see how this evolves!