Tuesday, July 24, 2012

PAROI II / Bunker Brawl IV

Back from another weekend of Blood Bowl tournament action in Illinois. This time around it was PAROI II on Saturday and Bunker Brawl on Sunday. I brought Vampires to PAROI II and Ogres to Bunker Brawl. 

Not much to say about my performance in PAROI II. I thought my roster was pretty solid, and though I am terribly out of practice, I didn't feel ill prepared for my games. I ended up taking home the last place Wooden Spoon award. In my defense I had terrible dice all day and had the fortune to play not one, not two, not three, but four teams that all spammed Guard as a skill choice on their players. The lowest number of Guard pieces I played against was four and it was as high as six for my other games. Needless to say... it was not fun. It made me re-think attending tournaments that allow skill spam in this way as in the hands of a hard team like Dwarfs (which I played twice) you're just up shit creek with a team like Vampires (at least if you are me). 

Bryan (Xtreme) from Zlurpcast did a nice write up of the event, including the game we played after my two ties, so I would recommend checking that out! In the meantime here is me getting my award for last place...

Losing can be fun!
Spent some time after the event drinking beers and eating greasy pizza with the cool kids, then caught a few zzz's and ate some breakfast before heading back to the GW Battle Bunker for Bunker Brawl IV! 

Bunker Brawl is a Streetbowl tournament and it was my first time playing this format of the game. I brought Ogres as I thought their high strength, high armor, and mighty blow could really smash a few teams in the streets. Turned out I was right. 

The Bulltimore Bullies smashed heads and forgot names on their way to the top of the casualty charts! I was just shy of my first BB tournament win on Sunday but was once again stopped dead by my new nemesis Valdric. Here is a quick rundown of the games as I remember them that day:

Game 1 - Ogres vs Undead
Katie and I had played the day before, with her Dwarfs stomping several mudholes in my Vampire team before I managed a crazy 0-2 comeback in the second half to tie the game. This time I was out for revenge and I told her so from the beginning. Game started strong with the Bullies smacking around a Ghoul and Wight who managed to regen and come back in later. Once the blocks started rolling the Ogres way it was just a matter of time before they scored and won the game. Revenge was had as was a good game. 

Game 2 - Ogres vs Lizardmen 
Mike had one formidable team of lizards and I was a bit nervous coming off my big win over his better half. In this game the skinks managed to score on Turn 2 after all of the Ogres boneheaded out for the first time that day. The Bullies came back strong, and with some key blocks taking out a Saurus, and a kick to the head taking out the Kroxigor, the Bullies were able to shrug off the high movement and strength of the lizards to tie up the game. This game was almost another win for the Bullies until an Ogre tripped over the goal line one turn before the end of the game. D'oh!

Game 3 - Ogres vs Chaos
Jonny P was running the event and also playing in it. He insisted on making me touch his cup to reveal the things hidden within. I managed to ignore that and trick his Minotaur into blitzing a Snotling on Turn 2. The result was this...

Jonny wanted me to point out the hair sack on his Minotaur.
The Bullies managed to get the ball away from the Chaos before losing it again allowing a score on Turn 4. After receiving the kick off and getting into position the Bullies realized they had no chance of scoring and beat the crap out of some more Chaos players. Receiving the kick off in the second half the Bullies managed to hobble into the end zone to tie it up. The rest of the game I don't really remember but it was fun and it broke my streak of losing to Zlurpcast hosts (having lost my last game against Jonny and the game on Saturday against Xtreme). This was Jonny's 200th NAF game! Honored to be part of that tradition and looking forward to the next time we meet...

Life is hard in the streets...
Game 4 - Ogres vs Lizardmen
Due to a low turnout and me winning games the last pairings were a bit wacky. Someone was going to have to play an opponent they had played previously so Mike and I decided to play the "true top table" in a rematch for the title. The first part of the game was almost identical to our first game, with all the Bullies boneheading out on Turn 2 and allowing the skinks to quickly score. The rest of the game was a comedy of errors, with the Bullies almost scoring a tie in the first half before a freak Skink block took down the ball carrier and left the Ogres without enough time to get the ball and score. The second half was a bumblefuck of Bullies trying to get down into the lizard's endzone but giving up the ball and another score to the lizards instead. Fun game but ultimately a let down for me as I was truly hoping to go "all the way". Instead of the big win I went home with the MOST BRUTAL award for cracking skulls and forgetting names.

So what did I learn? I like Streetbowl! Also, Ogres can be fun in the right situation. Also, I don't like Guard especially when 4 to 6 players have it. Also, be sure to always check your opponent's roster before you play as mistakes do happen.

Now I am back home and sick with some kind of hellish summer cold. Perhaps I will use it as inspiration to finish painting this Nurgle Warrior for the Chaos Cup legacy team? Stay tuned....


Paul of the Man Cave said...

So a full weekend of Blood Bowl, 2 competitions and 2 Prizes? EPIC Weekend mate! Nice work :-)

Randroid said...

You are absolutely right mate! It was a really fun time, even when I was losing. My comeback tie against Katie on Saturday was one of the highlights of the weekend... really pulled out all the stops to score twice on Dwarfs in one half.

Axtklinge said...

Cool report and nice detail on the 3 Skull blitzing mino!