Friday, July 13, 2012

Progress report 7/13/12 - Nurgle Legacy WIP

Working on a Nurgle Warrior for the Chaos Cup 2012 Nurgle Legacy Team! Color scheme will be Dark Green, Red, and Yellow. I will have some metal and white on my mini as well. Here is where I am as of today...

Primed! Ready for nurglin'paint.

Basecoats are on and it's time for some layers!
More updates to come later next week as I get this guy looking real nasty for inclusion in the team!


Tristan M said...

what primer is that Randall?
looks a bit spotty - wondering the purpose/use ??

Randroid said...

It's actually white on black, but my can was running low hence the splotches. It's working out okay though.

I like a light dusting of white on black primer to help me see where highlights should go and to keep things lighter there and darker in the recesses. That is just a shite version of the technique ;D

Tristan M said...

ah! my usual technique for that is to just do a really light white undercoat then give it a badab black wash to bring out all the detail.