Sunday, July 1, 2012

All Zlurp'd out.

It has been a week since I lost last place in Zlurpeebowl VIII. The pain remains....

Aside from my dismal performance I did manage a "not so respectable" 0-2-4 record for the weekend. I made it to the bottom table to play for the coveted "Weak Sauce" award but was ousted by a ringer Necromantic team to lose the last place trophy. In fact it was the second time I had to play that Necromantic team in the event (the first time we tied). It was a not so close match, made even less so by the Blizzard we had to play in for the whole game. You try getting a score with all Movement 4 pieces in a fucking Blizzard! Go on! I dare you!!

I didn't do a very good job of taking notes for match reports so here is a quick rundown of the weekend as I remember it. 

Friday - stopped by Dark Horse Brewing for lunch on the way to Indy, discovered the Untapp'd app for my space phone, drove a long time talking about Blood Bowl, unpacked at the house and learned a new game I picked up called Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel At Mt. Skullzfyre, went to Xtreme's house for a pre-zlurp event and played the inannugural match of Space Bowl (which my team won.. go Genestealers!), drank a bunch, lost at Rat Ogre Bowl, and went back to the house to play more Battle Wizards before crashing. 


Rat Ogre Bowl!
Saturday - got up and felt like crap, drove to Zlurpeebowl VIII and started my first match against Jonny P's Amazon team. Fun game, lost it 0-2 with nothing spectacular to report (failed my first Zombie pass of the weekend) against the all blodging roster. 

Zombies with the ball! But not for long....
Second game was against Goblins. Lost it 0-2. Nothing else worth mentioning (except my opponent's trolls didn't Really Stupid out once the entire game that I recall). 

Third game was against Skaven. Lost it 0-3 but the game was a ton of fun. Managed to do lots of damage with Zlurpus and at one point he even had the ball and almost scored! Really fun match overall, and I was proud I managed to hold the Skaven to 3 with my Movement of 4 (and he had a 10 Movement Gutter Runner before I fouled him into oblivion). 

Zlurpus has the ball!!
Fourth game was against Undead. Tied this game 1-1 and almost, just almost won it! Tripped over the goal line on my first GFI after three 5+ dodges into and out of tackles zones, and a 5+ pick up of the ball. Epic game, and a great way to end the first day.

Went back to the house for the Zlurpee after-party (edit: the show is up now... hear me ramble on about nothing important here) and hung around while Zlurpcast recorded their live show. Played  a bunch of games including Tsuro, Zombie Dice, and participated in the ZWF Tag Team title match with the newly created Lladnar. Lots of beer and fun. Good times... and if you listen to Zlurpcast you might even hear me ramble on for a bit about my metal show The Grind and a few other things (assuming I make the cut).

Lladnar & Gunny take on S-Fuse and Other Guy for the Tag Team title.
Sunday - got up and felt like crap, packed up and left the house, found out I was playing a Necromantic team on the bottom table. Didn't understand how that happened but proceeded to hold the Necro to a 1-1 tie. Was really pumped to play on the bottom table for the "Weak Sauce" award until I found out I had to play the same team again. Ergh. Lost the second game 0-2 and hated myself. Drove home exhausted and slept for the better part of the day and licked my wounds. 

Next year I might bring a slightly better team. Maybe. 


Sarge said...

0-2-4 with all zombies is pretty effing good, man! I remember you beat my butt last year with FLotG vampires! You're definitely a good coach - you just aren't playing teams that lend you ANYTHING to go off of. Truth!

Randroid said...

Thanks Sarge! That was a great game last year... even if it was the third Dwarf type team I had to play! A lot of fun.

Hey what's the link for your new blog?

Axtklinge said...

I second Sarge on this one!

4 MA pieces all around takes a lot of courage to begin with.
And for what is worth, I find your team very cool looking, with all those bright yellow helmets on!

Thumbs up for having "the gutz" of playing such a "crippled" FLOTG team.
Pun intended!

Axtklinge said...

...oh, and by the way found your blog(s) because of this post by Tristan (link in the 'hive mind high five' pic) :


Randroid said...


I've added the bloodbowlmayhem blog to my roll! Thanks for stopping by...