Sunday, April 3, 2011

Noteworthy news and models.

The days and weeks are flying by! I am still firmly entrenched in my life at work which doesn't leave much time for hobby stuff. I did manage to get the start of a test paint scheme on two Lineorcs for my BB Trailer Orc Boyz team and spend a bit of time painting commission stuff but otherwise...

In the meantime I have been getting my miniature fix in with weekly games of Blood Bowl in our Kalamazoo league (not doing so great with my Undead but the season is only half over), and spending time browsing the web for interesting or unique models I might like to own. Here are a few I have come across that I wanted to share (and to keep as a "wish list" for later):

Microarts is releasing some rubber molds for quick greenstuff conversions. Not sure if I would buy one but I like the idea. More info here.

Maelstroms's BaneLegions are coming out fast and furious and this Wight King model really caught my eye as a potential BSB for my Vampire Counts army.

I check in on Secret Weapon from time to time as I like the look of their work. Just noticed they are now offering a "sack of skulls" for basing, making skull headed things, adding to models... you name it! You can never go wrong with more skulls.

I'm interested in learning more (and trying out) their new set of washes, and I have been wanting to give their weathering powders a go for awhile. Anyone given either of these a try?

I saw Wyrd is releasing a Malifaux model that could almost be a stand in for Valkia the bloody if you were willing to sculpt on the Chaos armor...

Avatars of War is releasing a full regiment of "Dwarf Berserkers" aka Slayers! They look pretty cool but I am not sure I love the layout of the models in the unit picture. I gave up on my force of Slayers and sold off my models last year (to help fund my Warriors of Chaos and Blood Bowl forces) but I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the angry stunty folks.

Moving on.. we have the natural enemy of the Dwarf... Orcs! Came across these figures by Ramshackle Games (a new company to me) and I just fucking love them! I wish I had a reason to buy them and paint them up...

And lastly we have the slew of quality stuff coming our way courtesy of Mantic. They have shown off some great looking models in the past couple months but I gotta say I really like the look of this boar riding Orc boss.

So there it is... a short list of models and stuff I found to be interesting or noteworthy in the past few weeks. I hope to have some time for hobby and gaming this month but I also need to get the next issue of the Bellower laid out... so...

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