Sunday, April 11, 2010

Word of Hashut - Issue #8 out before the Bellower issue #2.

Arrgh! Curse you Willmark! You and your legion of malicious dark dwarves have beat the second issue of the Bellower out with the latest release from Chaos-Dwarfs online - Word of Hashut issue #8!

You can view or download this vile atrocity here.

Ahh, it's okay. I can't stay mad at you when your webzine looks this good! Great model picks, solid articles, interesting layout, special rules and units, Mordheim and Bloodbowl support, and not one but two ads for the Bellower! It just doesn't get much better than that...

Check it out and get your evil stunty fix for the week!


k.Blas said...

Ahh, but when does Bellower #2 come down from the Mount of Mourn?

Randroid said...

Soon ... soon. Waiting on some content still but I have most of the layout done.

Willmark said...

Heh no love for the Word of Hashut its all about the Bellower... hrm? :)