Friday, April 16, 2010

WHFB 8th Edition confirmed for July?

Read this on WarSeer and Snake Eyes Box Cars - WHFB 8th Edition might be out as soon as this July! The source is none other than next month's White Dwarf: 
"Its confirmed folks, Warhammer Fantasy is hitting us in July 2010. The source? Mays white dwarf. Double page spread that has Empire fighting Orcs with "Warhammer - July" Underneath it!"
"Also, visited Warhammer World recently and the miniatures hall is missing Skaven And High Elf armies...could this be linked to the rumoured starter box"
Looks like we'll be seeing more details about 8th Edition cropping up within the next few months. I've read through the various rumors circulating the web but I will refrain from spreading more of that possible hogwash around... time will tell...



snakeeyesboxcars said...

Super excited, I'm thinking it'll be an improvement to the game... or at the very least shake things up a bit.

WQRobb said...

My first thought when I read this on some of the GW fan sites was "a new edition? Already?" but then I realized it has actually been a few years since 7th came out.
I wonder if they are going to undo a few of the 7th edition changes, like making it harder for ogres to get rank bonuses, etc.

Frogfu said...

Damnit, and I finally got settled into saying "Ok, I guess I'll play 40k for a bit.." Now I need more boars!!!! SOOOUWEE!!!!!