Monday, April 26, 2010

The Bellower - Issue #2 now available!!

Here it is! Out now! Take a look!!

It was a long hard road but the second issue of the Bellower is out now! This latest issue focuses on the long overlooked Ogre Hunter and includes our first fan made army list; The Red Death - the Ogre Tribe of Jhared the Red (the first Ogre Hunter). 

If you have feedback, praise, suggestions, or contributions for future issues, let me know - I would love to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

I have had a quick flick through. Looking good. Certainly can't fault it visually, so I"ll have to read through it and fault the contents. But I jest, I'm looking forward to sitting down and digesting this whole issue.

Randroid said...

There are things about the content that don't thrill me but overall I am pretty happy with the results.

Boss Salvage said...

I missed issue #1, but I really enjoyed this new one quite a bit. Nice to hear some thoughts from my old OS buds, and as a fan of hunters I was pretty thrilled to see all the huntastic content (in fact why I dl'd this issue). The article on hunters got me rethinking my own much-maligned-but-always-present spear-chucker, though big props go to the variant army list. I would play that in a heartbeat, and it's got me seriously scheming what a savaged-up ogre army would look like.*

I have more thoughts on the army list itself, particularly the perhaps too excellent expanded item selection, but mostly I'm reminded how much I want GeeDub to get the new book right.

Also, props on the overall look, I enjoy the variety in layout / design, with only the rare page (the army list actually) being somewhat hard to read due to font / background clash. I'll probably check out #1 sometime soon.

*Don't tell anybody, but long long ago I hatched a plan to make 'savage pulp' space marines with spears, clubs, crossbows, etc and minimal tech elements. There's a disturbing chance that I might mobilize this concept with The Red Death in mind, though a decent book from GW would push this madness even further ...

Randroid said...

Glad to hear you liked it! Issue #1 is of similar stock, but not quite as long.

I think the Jhared list is pretty well balanced. The magic items are good but not too good ... especially in the context of the Ogres. Time could prove me wrong I suppose.

I'm with you on the list being a bit hard to read - something I didn't really catch on to until after the issue was released. I was thinking of putting together just a pdf of the alternative list so perhaps I will make it a bit easier on the eyes at that time.

I would love to see any lists/models/etc you come up with based on the idea!

Helm said...

Keep at it! Inspiring stuff man! You have probably already seen this guy, but if by any chance you haven't:

The gut plate looks awesome, but his weapons look a little unfriendly for ranking up... ranking up in a single line, uhm lining up in a line. Whatever those crazy ogres do.