Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vampire stuff - The Invocation Issue #4 review.

Hey! I know, I know ... I am a little late to the "look there is a new issue of this webzine out now" party. I can't help it! Busy life, lots going on, blah blah blah ... but I am getting to it now aren't I!? 

For those who didn't know the new issue of the Invocation came out at the end of last month. You can view and/or download it here. I've spent some time going over the content, but as the subject has been covered on other blogs I will save you the long version of my review. Instead you get bullet points! Yay! Everyone loves bullet point lists!!
  • I like the cover, although a little less text might have been nice. 
  • Still appreciating the switch to Landscape format.
  • The use of the same backgrounds and fonts for multiple articles can be confusing. Some variation would really help the varied content stand out a bit better.
  • The Bellower ad looks pretty cool.
  • I enjoyed reading the tactics articles scattered throughout the new issue.
  • The comic was radical.
  • Model photos looked good and I enjoyed seeing them included in some of the articles.
  • The painting tutorials were really well done and helpful. 
  • Battle report was a fun read and well laid out.
  • Way too much fiction, didn't even attempt to read it, this isn't a literary webzine it is a WHFB one! Please don't keep doing this!!
So there you have it, my "review" in bullet points. Some really good content here for anyone interested in Warhammer. A little bit of everything which is what I like to see, but way too much space devoted to the fiction. With content like this, and a more creative layout (use of varied backgrounds, fonts, etc) this zine could be one of the best on the net. This is still one of the best issues of the Invocation I have read and I highly recommend it to anyone reading this. 

In other news ... I am still toying with Vampire Counts lists in an attempt at finding "the one" that I wish to pursue to a painted state (before all others). This past weekend I played two games with a list that I found to be quite fun and challenging. Here it is ..
HEROES: (620)
Vampire - Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead, Night Shroud, Black Periapt, Sword of Striking (200)
Vampire - Flying Horror, Summon Creatures of the Night, Helm of Commandment, Cadaverous Cuirass (195)
Vampire - BSB, Infinite Hatred, Walking Death, Talisman of the Lycni, Flayed Hauberk, Sword of Might (225)

CORE: (354)
Skeleton Warriors x 19 - Musician, Standard, Champion (172)
Skeleton Warriors x 15 - Musician, Standard (132)
Dire Wolves x 5 - Doom Wolf (50)

RARE: (275)
Cairn Wraiths x 5 - Banshee (275)

Total Points: 1,249 (of 1,250)
Deployed the BSB with the Dire Wolves with the Wraiths nearby as well. The Flying Vamp was there to buff and support them as needed. The caster Vamp was my general and pretty much just sat back and raised up Skeletons for the duration. 

Ended up winning both games I played, one against a shooty/magic heavy Skaven list and one against cav heavy O&G. Fun! This list marked the first time I have ever used the Helm ... and I can't see myself going back to not using it. It really makes a big difference!

Still toying with ideas for what a 2,250 version of this list would look like. I have a few things in mind but I want to see them in practice before I commit. Working on building my winged foot Vampire so I guess that is a pretty strong indication of things to come!

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inanecourage said...

I didn't know this was out. Usually there is something on UnderEmpire about new issues of webzines, but I have heard nothing. Thanks for the info!