Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ogre Kingdoms - new army book rumors part 4!?

Well I wasn't expecting to have another one of these posts so soon but I just this post on WarSeer:

"Well, now that I've washed my hands of the Beastmen thread (and not a moment too soon, poor badly-written creatures), I thought I might as well share what little I've heard about the Ogre book, and hopefully provide a more obvious dumping ground for such rumors than the Rhinox thread."

Models, in order of plausibility (imo):

*New Rhinox Plastic Kit, accommodating a Rider, Scraplauncher, and another variant.

*New Gorger model.

*New Unit model (a shocker, given the trend in recent books).

*New Yhetees. May be plastic.


*Gut Barge is a standard Impact Hit upon charging, for all Ogres, not unlike Minotaurs.

*Butchers are more traditional in their use of "divine" magic, with regards to bound spells, etc. Not "wizards", as such, anymore.

*Rhinox Riders are in, in both forms, and as mounts.

*Bellowers are a mite altered.

*There's a new character.

*The Scraplauncher has a bolt-thrower variant, as well as a gnoblar-transport variant.

*More Gnoblars!

*Maneaters face some... interesting changes.
Also this a little later one in the post...
"Will Ogres be getting a new monster? Seems that all the recent army books have been given a large monster"
"Not including various iterations of Rhinox and Giant?"

I hope the new unit isn't made up of Ogre women! Actually that might be pretty cool...

A Gnoblar bolt thrower? New unit and character? Rhinox mounts and other units?! AWESOME.

So there you have it! More Ogre rumor madness! I'm getting quite excited, I can't imagine what I will do if/when GW confirms a new Ogre Kingdoms book release (aside from do a little jig).

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