Saturday, January 6, 2018

New year - Hobby Resolutions 2018

Hello out there whoever still read this! It's been a couple months since my last update and not much has happened on the hobby front. After "finishing" The Greenboyz I didn't get much more painted in 2017. 

The last tabletop gaming I did was playing in 2017 was at Underworld Cup where I decided to quit playing Blood Bowl. 

Okay maybe not entirely... though I do feel the need to cut it out of my life for a bit. I had some of the worst luck I have ever had in that event and it was just an onslaught of misery. Lots of fun hanging out with my friends but the time spent in game was pretty dismal. Maybe we'll see things turn around after I attend Adepticon this year and play in the Stupor Bowl for the first (and last?) time. 

Most of the fall/winter was spent passing my college courses. And I accidentally ended up with a piece in a monthly art show too? 

Self Portrait 2017 - Charcoal on paper
Still chipping away at an illustration degree! This next semester will be spent studying Photoshop and illustration history. While I am still not entirely enthused by any of my work I am learning things as I go. Have a couple comic projects in the works that I am excited about for 2018 and beyond. 

On the gaming/painting front I did manage to get a game of Gloomhaven going with some friends. We're about 4 scenarios in and having a lot of fun. I'm playing the Brute character who likes to smash things first and ask questions second. His name is Sledghe. 

This box is over a foot thick and weighs about 30+ pounds
Most of the party beating on the first boss encounter
In what has become an annual tradition it is time to look back at the 2017 Hobby Resolutions and set some new ones for 2018. From last year...

  • Play games more regularly (I played games here and there. I wouldn't call it regular)
  • Paint at least one miniature to tabletop standard each week (I didn't paint one mini each week but I did paint well over 52 minis over the course of the year)
  • Don't buy more miniatures than you paint (Yeah... not even close)

Alright so one out of three isn't so bad right? Now here is a list for this year!

  • Play games more regularly:
    Games with Furry, games at events, Gloomhaven almost weekly should have this covered.
  • Paint at least 52 minis to tabletop standard during the year:
    And keep track of them! I feel like having a visual record of the work is important and helps motivate me (and possibly others) to get those minis painted!
  • Finish painting at least one Warhammer army:
    Most likely this will be my Nurgle army. I have a great start on it. Just need to buckle down and paint some of the larger pieces and new stuff. 
  • Don't buy more miniatures than you paint:
    This will be tough but I have managed to hold off on many minis I already want. I don't think I will be able to go without picking up the CMON Hate minis going up on Kickstarter this month. And the new Nurgle stuff coming from GW will also get me for at least a few. 
  • Update this blog weekly:
    Should be easy with photos of painted minis and regular gaming right??
Of course working against all of these things are - life, work, school, band, reading, and drawing! Looks like I will have to be better about using my time (and watching less crappy TV). 

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Furry said...

Nice to see you posting on here again! Awesome charcoal!