Monday, February 13, 2017

Progress Report 2/13/17 - 52 Minis week 6 (and a few WIP things too)

Well I didn't get this update up last week but here is the mini for week 6.... another Dwarf adventurer!

I don't have a name for this fella yet. He looks like a miner/self sufficient type individual. I imagine him being a bit of a loner who teams up with others when duty calls. Happy overall with how he turned out. 

And while I didn't paint any other minis I did spend a bit of time completing my bits extension version of three Blightkings! Here they are in their WIP state. 

Quick group shot!
Some kind of snail butt monstrosity
His buddy is more of a waddler
And here's Mr. fly faced ogor shoes!
While they didn't turn out quite as cool looking as I had imagined (always learning more about how to sculpt well with GS) I think they will fit nicely with my other minis. Plus they weren't doing me any good sitting around in a bits box or on a sprue! That means I managed to squeeze 8 (possibly 9) models out of just the one box! Granted I had some other tasty Nurgle bits left over but not a bad little value!

Speaking of bad... picked these guys up cheap to add a bit to and use for Beasts of Nurgle.

It's a giant slug conga line!
They look gross enough to avoid already! Later this week I will update with some more WIP of them on bases as well as the next painted mini! Here's a hint... some say there is no malice in Warhammer. 

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