Saturday, April 16, 2016

Progress Report 4/16/16 - Getting sloppy.

Slogging along through the priming and pre-painting stage of these Nurgle dudes. Feeling pretty good about where they are at now and wanted to share my test model. 

Started off with some simple basecoats and slight washes/highlights to get the solid funk going on.

Added some additional details and highlight and I am feeling pretty good about the results on this test model. Still need to finish a few details and the base of course but not bad for a rank and file troop. Might get more gribbly later on... 

Also spent some time last weekend playing two games of TNT with a local player at the FLGS. My Raiders vs his Caravaneers. Both games went to the Raiders (Skullkrushas) but they were close fough affairs with the Raiders being outgunned in every situation but still making it in to crush heads. 

First game was A Little Slice of Heaven with the Raiders bringing it to the Caravan's hideout in the middle of the night while some of their group were away or asleep. The Caravan had a very well defended position and lots of shooting to keep the Skullkrushas at bay so a bit of tactical approach was needed to keep them safe. 

After a daring run in approach and deftly dodging most of the incoming fire the Raiders caught up with the Caravan forces and beat them off of the objective to claim the win. Groin (pictured at the top) was extremely lucky and survived 6 rounds of close range blasts from a large caliber shotgun before crushing the head of the Caravan guard holding the high ground. 

The second match was a race for a water supply in a nearby rusted out water container set in the center of the board. Both forces held occupied positions around the outskirts of the supply but again the Caravan brought the big guns and outgunned the Raiders for most of the encounter. The Skullkrushas did manage to bring on a Flamethrower and Assault Rifle to help even the playing field a bit and the Raider leader also brought a compound bow which he used to Rambo off a few of the guards on his way towards the objective.  

Floyd the mutant tried desperately to punch a whole in the water container before the Caravan shoots him to death (he failed to do either).

Another two great games of TNT and I just fall in love with this game more every time I play it. A lot of luck helped keep the Raiders safe but we all know luck can't last forever out there in the wasteland...

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