Saturday, April 9, 2016

Progress Report 4/9/16 - Lumbering along...

Slow and steady wins something or so I hear? I've been spending a few minutes each day working on assembling, converting, and basing my Nurgle force. Thought it would be a good time to share my progress...

First up... a few more Plaguebearers! You can see what my basing looks like on the other models which didn't have this done when I posted my last update.  I wanted it to look as if the ground was erupting in slime, rot, and giant grubs/maggots wherever the Nurgle fellas went. I think it looks gross. A couple small conversions in this bunch including the musician with bits from the Drone kit. 

Speaking of conversions here is my pile of Nurglings I made out of the extra ones found on the sprues from the starter box. Doesn't look identical but I am okay with that. I didn't feel like sculpting a bunch of little faces in the middle so I went with a big dung heap instead. Some closeups below:

I took one of the Plaguebearers from the basic box and converted him into another Herald for my force using bits leftover from the Blight Kings sprues. I'm really digging the way it turned out! 

I pictured him as somewhere between life as a Warrior of Chaos and Nurgle Daemonhood. I have enough bits to make another 1 or 2 Blight Kings with some more full on sculpting and perhaps I will get around to it once I see how they do on the tabletop. 

And speaking of Blight King types here is Gutrot Spume who will most likely fill the roll of a Blight King in games where named characters aren't welcome. 

Really cool kit that was easy to put together. Actually all of the newer Nurgle kits have been very easy to slap together with minimal gaps and filling needed. 

And last but not least the first of two big monstrous buddies I have to add...

Just finished the main assembly of this big gribbly last night and I still have some filling and small additions and alterations to take care of. I plan on using this mostly as Daemonspew though I put the Bloab Rotspawned body on him. I didn't like the static swarm of flies or the static stream of vomit so I left those out. I added a nice fleshy appendage/mouth bursting out of his back and the big guy will have a big nasty tongue. Going to do the base up with a big puddle of slimy ooze and of course some giant grubs/maggots to go along with it. 

Thinking about what I can add to this force to make it something I could use in 40k if the whim and wind strikes me that way. I have lots of Chaos Spawns sitting around there and might make some Nurgle Spawns/Beasts of Nurgle with those. Also have some Chaos Warriors and Chaos Knights I am considering adding with a Nurgle touch. And of course a Great Unclean One would be fun... but next up we have this guy!

Mr tons o' fun himself... the Glottkin! Really looking forward to painting all of this stuff up and hopefully will be able to get some priming done this week... if it would stop snowing in April!!! 

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