Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Progress Report 5/3/16 - Keeping the piece(s)

The past couple weeks I have been focused on two things.
1. Assembling the TNT Peacekeeper minis I recently acquired.
2. Painting some Nurgle fun.

And I have accomplished these things! But first up... some minis from the wastes!

Here we have a collection of irradiated radical rats, roaches, razorbacks, and a few Trogg's/Chud lovers with a rogue psychic husk. Never know what you might bump into out there...

Got a few folks in suits trying to keep the place clean and next thing you know... 

The Peacekeepers show up to tell you how to run things! Maybe we like breaking the law! 

Took a few of the extra pieces from the TNT assembly line and added a bit of flavor and fun to these minis from the Bones line that are taking up space in my unpainted miniature collection. I figured they could make good additions to the Peacekeepers or maybe a group of Caravaneers out looking to make a few caps?

And in the other world we have this guy...

Pretty happy with how this Nurgle Herald turned out. Bits from the Plaguebearer, Blight King, and Plague Drone kits all bashed together with a bit of additional sculpting. Having a lot of fun painting the ooze!  

Here are some less fancy shots...

Those were taken before I finished the base, a few details, and the Nurgle ooze. I think he looks fun! And speaking of fun...

This big boy is just about ready for a priming! Can't wait to get this painted up. Wondering what colors I should paint him? Maybe a purple or grey? 

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