Monday, July 6, 2015

Progress Report 7/6/15 - The age before Sigmar.

Age of Sigmar!! AHHHHH

So there we have all that... and of course all the rules are up and accessible. You've no doubt read them all multiple times by now right!? 

I won't lie. I am excited. I haven't played any WHFB 8th ed in a year or more and the interest around these parts is at an all time low. Hoping that with the opening of a new FLGS with more gaming space and the release of this new version that is about the change. Going to be playing my first game of AoS later today so I will report on my experiences next time around. 

Meanwhile... been working on a new Blood Bowl  team for Chaos Cup, a new Dwarf warband for Mordheim, and a miniature for the Chaos Cup Legacy team. Here is the photographic evidence!

This is my Hobgoblin #13 for the Chaos Cup 15 Chaos Dwarf legacy team. Pretty basic. I like how he turned out though.

These are the three big guy apes for my new Chaos Pact Blood Bowl team. Left to Right you have the Minotaur, Ogre, and Troll.

 These are the Chaos Marauder apes. Their twisted creator has something for giant arms and tubes.

Speaking of which here is the twisted Halfling scientist himself! Plus the Dark Elf and Goblin apes.

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Tristan M said...

love that Pact team dude!