Saturday, July 11, 2015

Age of Sigmar starter kit has arrived!

Just went on down to my new FLGS ChronoCade and picked up the new Age of Sigmar box set. Sadly I am about to head away for the next couple days but before I go to the wilderness I wanted to take a quick peek at the contents and share them with you.

First thing I see walking into the new space of the store is a table full of minis! Always gets me excited! Sadly I wasn't able to hang around and play the game but I am already planning to get back for some tabletop action. 

There it is. The box. The much lauded and hated and everything else box of minis. What can I say? The art looks awesome. If I didn't know anything about it I would be interested. Opening it up you find a nice stack of high quality and very detailed minis. And some blue sticks. 

Book that comes included has detailed instructions for mini assembly (very nice)  as well as a once sheet of the new rules. No additional rules though we can't forget that new errata now can we?!

Flicking through the big book I see lots of colorful art and some background for the two starter factions. Also a painting guide and some other stuff you would expect to see like warscrolls and two Battalion lists with special abilities. Plus! There are 6 scenarios which seem to step up the learning curve of the game and new models quite nicely. And this photo. Not sure what it is but it reminded of 40k force organization charts. 

More to come later in the week! Hopefully with some games and assembled minis to show.

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