Saturday, June 27, 2015

New Age of Sigmar miniature photos leaked.

Bit behind on this so anyone who is actively following the upcoming Warhammer Age of Sigmar has probably already seen these... but look! 

But Randroid! What do you think about all these changes and shiny new models and stuff!? Well...

The name has already flown out and stuck to the Sigmarines. From the photo I am not in love with the look but I am also not a fan of Space Marines which these are clearly using as a design aesthetic.

The Chaos forces look cool but I am always a sucker for barbarian type dudes in various forms of undress rampaging about with their blood and skulls. I can see plenty of uses for them in other games I play too like Mordheim and Blood Bowl. So yeah I like them.

Round bases? Eh... I am not going to rebase my old WHFB minis. I can live with it.

New rules? Well the rumor that at least this starter box will have free rules available is pretty cool and certainly more in line with other current gaming companies. I certainly wouldn't mind a more skirmish focused ruleset as I don't have the time for long games of WHFB anymore in my life. Hopefully they scale up nicely to include larger units or blocks of infantry. I certainly won't be working on any of my WHFB armies in (eternal) progress until I learn more.

But what about Ogres!? Shit man!! I don't know! I hope they make it into this new world and 9th edition. All I can say is my love for Ogres and monsters will never die and worst case Ogre lovers can always fall back to 8th edition or roll into Kings of War or something. They will survive!

Now the waiting can begin until the official announcement comes around. 

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