Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The road to Chaos Cup 2014

Well here we are. It is September. Where the hell did August go!? I managed to paint a couple Gnoblars and one commission but that was all pretty much. I did get more beastmen assembled for my Malal Chaos force but no paint on them yet. All of my Chaos fantasy dreams stopped when I saw this... 

Thanks Dice and Brush!
Then I spent some time away from home and on the beach and did my best impression of the new book while I was at it...

The end times are coming... out to tan
Still working my way through the new book but I am quite excited by the possibilities of crafting my SKELEDUDE army of the TOMBDEADKINGCOUNTS. But we're not ready for that yet. Oh no. Our time must be spent getting ready for the chaos to come... Chaos Cup 2014!!!

I've been to the last three years of the Chaos Cup (the US Blood Bowl Major) and every one of them has been a blast. The first two years I played Nurgle (which was quite painful). Last year I played Orcs (which was quite average). This year I will finally do it... I will finally bring out my Ogres the Bulltimore Bullies!! (and this team name has nothing to do with the real world activities of the Baltimore Ravens and that abusive Rice guy just to be clear). So what does my roster look like? Glad you asked! This year the build was 1,000 team roster and 150k in skills. Instead of going all out Ogres with no skills I went with less Ogres with more skills, maxed out my Snotlings/Gnoblars and added a couple Secret Weapons just for fun. Behold!! A spreadsheet!

Will the Bullies win any games? Will the chainsaw backfire and cut a stunty in half? Will I drink or eat something that will make me feel sick all weekend? These questions and more will be answered after this weekend in Chicago-land where the Chaos Cup will be held (and no I doubt I will be the one holding it over my head).My prediction - 1 Win/3 Ties/2 Losses but I will be happy with anything that has at least one win in there. Ogres rule!!


Mattias Darrow said...

Awesome! I'll see you there, man. Hopefully on the pitch. I'm bringing a team of violent sports-loving monks (humans). Got to get revenge for the Fightin' Fay that you massacred last year:).

Randroid said...

Awesome Mattias! I'll see you there for sure... perhaps we will meet again on the pitch.