Sunday, September 21, 2014

Chaos Cup 2014 - A Very Chaotic Recap: Part 1

Here we are. A week after the Chaos Cup was held in the mighty chaotic lands of Palatine, IL. Once again I made the trip across the not so cold and not so frozen northlands of Indiana and around the mighty Lake Michigan to get in 6 games of tournament Blood Bowl action. This year I decided to bring a "fun" team and the Ogres of the Bulltimore Bullies hit the pitch with a slew of Snotlings and a couple Star Players to round out the roster. It looked a little something like this roster here.

But before the festivities could begin I had a Friday night Mordheim party with Furry - both of us playing our first games in the old GW system and having a lot of fun in the process. 

I brought the Undead warband with no name nor fluff. The list was 500gc and looked like this:

Vampire - Heavy Armor, Sword, Mace, Bow - 183

Necromancer - Sword, Bow - 55
Dreg - Club x 2 - 26
Dreg - Club x 2 - 26
Dreg - Club x 2 - 26

Ghoul - 40
Ghoul - 40  
Ghoul - 40 
Dire Wolf - 50

Total: 496gc

Knowing nothing about Mordheim I went with basic kit on the Vamp with a bow to make use of his higher BS and for when I can't close the distance to stabby stab. The Necro is for hanging back and maybe holding objectives so I gave him a bow too (which I forgot to use in the game at all). 

Dregs are clubbin' it up and are there to knock folks down and around so they can be killed at a time which works for the Undead and the Ghouls are running around with bones looking for a fight with the killer undead dog friend. That was the plan anyway. Thing about plans is...

We rolled up the 8th mission in the main book (can't recall the name at the moment) which set the objective as a "take and hold" with buildings. We only had a few "buildings" proper so we used a few other cardboard boxes to fill the role (like this Bell's Best Brown box in my deployment zone)

After getting our warbands out on the table the match started! It was limited to a certain number of turns so the clock was ticking and it was time to move into position. 


After getting around the various walls and barricades that blocked their way the undead minions and Dregs rushed to take and hold the middle building while the crazed flagellants of the Witch Hunters ran forward to meet them.

On the other side of the building a crew of Witch Hunter heroes made their way through the rubble in hopes of taking out a few Ghouls on the way. This is where we learned about the intercept rules and how setting up your position on the board is very important! 

After a few rounds of combat the Witch Hunters were missing all of their flagellants and one of their Witch Hunters and the Undead were missing one of their clubbin' Dreg heroes but nobody was killed. In the end it was a tie with both forces holding one building and the third (middle) objective being contested.

All in all it was a lot of fun and even the half finished terrain pieces from Dave Graffam looked fantastic on the actual table top.

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