Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Chaos Cup 2014 - A Very Chaotic Recap: Part 3

Third and last day of the Chaos Cup. Going into this the Bullies were firmly locked into the bottom rankings for the event but fighting for Most Casualties with a Norse team towards the top tables. Time to focus on blood and not winning right!?

Game 5 vs Nurgle (Stoutyoungblood)

Nurgle again?! Coach Stoutyoungblood and I have played once before (I think?) but it had been some time ago since we met. It was going to be an uphill battle for casualties but the Bullies felt up the challenge!

The game started with a kick to the nurgle team and... you guessed it... a riot!! 4th riot the Bullies have faced in the last 4 kickoffs but it doesn't keep the nurgle players down as they proceed knock out several snotlings in quick succession before knocking out an ogre as well. The rest of the half plays out with plentiful failures on both sides of the pitch with failed dodges, dropped balls, and plenty of boneheaded rolls but the Bullies manage to keep nurgle from scoring in the first half.

Second half begins with ogres receiving the kick minus one ogre who doesn't come back into the game to play and the ball lands in the ogre endzone. While trying to get the ball two snotlings knock themselves out and allow a pestigor to get the ball and score on turn 5. The game ends with more failed blocks from the chainsaw and finally with the snotlings dropping the ball.

Final result - 0-1 (Casualty 1-2) LOSS

This game was a frustrating and painful one for the Bullies. It seemed nothing could go right - blocks, dodges, bonehead rolls, and even secret weapons all failed to do anything worth mentioning. It was probably the worst game of Blood Bowl I have ever played when it comes to dice.

Game 6 vs Khemri (Firesocold)

Last game of the tournament. Still a chance the Bullies can bring home the casualty award as the Norse were only 3 ahead in the total casualty count. Just need the right opponent. Something with low armor, not too much strength, and no way to stay on the pitch. Too bad!! How about Khemri instead!?

Game started out with khemri kicking to the Bullies in a blizzard! The kick goes long and is given back to an ogre on the line. With the ball in hand the ball carrier moves up after two tomb guardians are hit and stunned on the pitch. The snotlings swarm the skeletons and assist in keeping the ogres from being crushed by the tomb guardians running into them. Sadly this fails on turn 4 when the ball carrying ogre double skulls himself and allows a snotling to catch the bouncing ball. While getting the snotling to safety in an attempt to score with throw teammate the Bullies ultimately fail to make anything happen and end the half with no casualties and no touchdowns.

Second half started off bloody with three dead snotlings on the three first blocks from the tomb guardians on the line. Meanwhile the bomber hangs back and chucks bombs into the khemri cage. First bomb blocks up and takes down 2 tomb guardians, a blitzer, and the thro-ra ball carrier. Second turn the bomber does the same again after the khemri stood up and reformed their cage. This time he hits 2 tomb guardians and the thro-ra ball carrier yet again. A snotling dodges in to pop out the ball but falls and dies on the ball but also launches it into the hands of the nearby chainsaw wielding goblin. A blitz from the remaining blitz-ra takes down the chainsaw (blodger) with a one die block and knocks him out of the game. After some bashing, lots of boneheads, a dead ogre, and fails, the Bullies manage to put some pressure on the loose ball but cannot keep the khemri from finally getting the ball ans scoring on turn 5. Turn 6 the remaining 5 players on the Bullies roster lined up to take on the khemri but fail to make anything happen before finally allowing the khemri to score again on turn 8.

Final result - 0-2 (Casualty 2-7) LOSS

Instead of dealing lots of casualties the Bullies took a lot of casualties and ended the event in second to last place. It was a fun game but also a little frustrating due to the inability of the Bullies to not roll 1 for just about everything.

Final Record - 0-1-5 (20 Casualties)

Ended up losing the most casualties award by 2 but I did win something... something big... a big fat WOODEN SPOON!!

What did I win? A cool trophy, a Street Bowl pitch, and a set of new dice (and the words "try a new game" which is a little hard to take but...).

So there you have it... my Chaos Cup 2014 experience. 6 games down and plenty of snake eyes rolled but we'll always have the memories!

Me losing game 1 against Skaven
Me losing game 3 against Amazons

Thanks to all the fantastic coaches I played and massive thanks to the Chaos Cup planning committee for putting on such a fantastic event. Now to start planning on how I will lose the next event!

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Mattias Darrow said...

Rough stuff, brother. But at least you were only like 3 casualties off of your goal!

My final placement was 79 out of 94...a pretty stiff kicking.