Monday, March 10, 2014

Progress Report 3/10/14 - Gobblin' Up The Sunlight.

Slowly... ever so slowly... we rise out of the frozen muck and mire which has bogged us down the past few months. A day of 30+ degree weather feels like a summer breeze. Sunlight and the creeping days give way to painting! Priming! Happiness! 

First up on the oil painting front - spent last week of class sealing the under painting of my Smoking Man painting and began work on a smaller painting while it was drying. Here's a quick rundown of that process, which I am using a different style of under painting for, and where I got to last week. 

Original reference photo.
My quick sketch of that photo on canvas.
Starting with an outline.
This under painting will be in three colors.
Working on the head first.
And here is where I ended up.
This style of under painting is called "dead color" and it uses just a few colors, black, and white for the shading. Afterwards You use glazes and lighter coats to bring the color out and make it more vibrant. Reminds me a bit of my current mini painting style actually. 

Speaking of painted minis I got a base coat and a dark wash on a few more Gangers for the Skullkrushas! The gang is coming together nicely now. 

Also got the thumbs up from my Dwarf mini client on what might be the last RPG commission I do for awhile (I think I have painted everyone at this point). Behold the Dwarf Cleric and his +1 marker!

Working on washes next then I will bring out a lot of detail on this mini. Not sure who makes it but I like the look of this guy a lot! Looking forward to seeing him completed (then maybe I should finish my own gaming minis). 

There is a slight chance I may actually play some WHFB this week!? Stay tuned for that if it is of interest to you....

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