Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Progress Report 2/26/14 - Time is short and so is Feburary.

Ack! This month is just about history and aside from running Dog Bowl and playing a bit of games I haven't managed to do much on the painting and modeling front. 

First up a quick update on my oil painting. I missed two classes this month so I am a bit behind. This week I "finished" my underpainting and will be moving on to adding color next week. 

Adding detail to the hand.
Changed up the face shape a bit and added detail.
Spent a little bit of time working on the SKULLKRUSHAS for my Goliath Necromunda gang. Got two more Gangers done. They have names but I can't remember them at the moment!!

Working on a commission for a Dwarf character that I hope to have done in the next couple weeks. Spent some time converting and sculpting some bits for that but I don't want to show them quite yet. On to March!!

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