Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Progress Report 2/5/14 - Hair of the dog (stuck to everything I paint).

Another week of sub-zero temps kept me from getting any miniature painting done. I did glue together a couple pieces of plastic I dug out of the trash to make awards for the upcoming Dog Bowl this week.

Cap, beer thing, and skull trophy.
Foam turd in a cap upside down.
I've since added some primer and paint to these trophies but the paint keeps flaking off and driving me crazy! Not sure if it is the temperature outside (where I prime in my garage) or the materials or a mix of both. Oh well... they don't have to look stellar. I just wanted to have something to give away that didn't cost me anything (because I have nothing to spend). 

On the oil painting front I made some pretty big strides this week. My class last week was cancelled due to the bad weather but I came back and attacked the canvas on Monday when I got down to business on the face of my figure.

I had a quick demo on how to better set up my palette.
This bit on the face is my instructor's work as a demo.
Blocked in the shades on the face.
Began adding some detail in the face and the tie.
Still a long way to go on this painting but I had a much easier time with the paint after a short bit of instruction from my teacher. I found that my major challenge was too much thinning of the paint and I really started using a lot more paint on the canvas. Something I don't do much of when it comes to mini painting! I'm always thinning that down so much. Also I used a really big brush for this work which is not something I feel comfortable with yet but it was good practice. 

Dog Bowl this weekend! I will be playing odd man out. While I had first intended to take Ogres I am letting a friend use them instead and will be bringing Khemri for their first tournament outing and first time on the Bloodbowl pitch with me Coach Randroid! Should be fun!!

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