Friday, December 27, 2013

Progress Report 12/27/13 - The cold hands of December.

December! A month of holiday-hectic-centric shenanigans. While I spent some of it painting minis and playing games the majority of this month was spent feeding folks, working, or attending various social such and such. In the meantime here are a few things I painted. Been doing a bad job of tracking such things. 

A herd of goblins painted for a goblin RPG adventure where the PCs are goblins!
Xmas gift to family - a mini of their D&D character.
This mini had a ton of tiny detail for a Bones casting I thought.
Another D&D character mini for Xmas.
Some slight conversions but overall straight out of the box.
Speaking of boxes - Deadzone arrived! Kinda looked this in the box too.
A pile of minis but I am still missing a couple bags from the KS pledge.
Hoping to spend time in the last few remaining days of the year painting some minis and possibly assembling some of that pile of Deadzone restic. Time will tell! I also need to sketch out my first oil painting on canvas for a class I will be taking this winter. Hoping to bring some oil painting methods and materials to the world of miniature painting! Wish me luck.


Mattias Darrow said...

You'll have some work cutting all that out... but then you'll have your work cut our for you!


The minis look great, especially the green DnD chappie.

Tristan M said...

what is the goblin rpg called?

I was very disappointed with the deadzone kickstarter, seeing some others recently where everything is nicely labeled and stuff it would have been nice to have had them do the same - I spent several hours making sure everything was there and figuring out all the damage :/

Randroid said...

The goblin RPG was a free Pathfinder module called We Be Goblins Too (the sequel to We Be Goblins). Pretty damn fun and funny.

So far the initial impression of the Deadzone box is a big "whaaaaaat!?" as it was very poorly packed, missing some major components (2 of the 4 bags of missing minis were from the core box set not add-ons), and in some cases slightly damaged (the box itself and the rulebook which was gouged from all the sprues it was crammed in between).

Took me about 30 mins of sorting with a list online to figure out what I was missing. Haven't broken open any bags yet. Really want to but I am making myself finish painting my Necro gang first.

eriochrome said...

Are those Reaper Bones or Metals?

I was really tempted by the Deadzone kickstarter but passed. I thought I did not need any new games.

Randroid said...

Those are Reaper Bones minis!