Sunday, December 1, 2013

2013 Hobby Resolutions check-in.

Well I meant to get to this earlier in the year. Time flies when you buy a new house, change your job, and start having a social life with friends and playing games!? Since we are 31 days from the end of this year I thought it would be useful to see how I have fared in the "Hobby Resolutions" department.

Here is the list I came up with for this year way back in January:
  • Update this blog at least twice a week all year: Did pretty dreadful at this. I updated at least twice a month!! Does that count? Part of the lack of updates comes from me spending time on my radio show(s) and the blog I run for that. Part of it is just not getting around to it. 
  • Finish painting all of the Blood Bowl teams I have started: Hah! Nice one. Actually I did okay at first - got my Orc team painted, still haven't finished my Lizardman team, then went and added a Halfling team, some Elves, some Skaven, and got minis for an Underworld or Chaos Pact or something team down the road. In short. Nope.
  • Play some WHFB somewhere, somehow: Even the new WoC book couldn't help me with this one. I did make a new space in my new home for playing games like this!! Does that count?
  • Attend as many Blood Bowl tournaments as possible: Again not so great here. Missed out on Zlurpee Bowl and a few other close by events I had planned on attending (including the second Jingle Bowl coming up this weekend). I think my count for the year is... 3. Terrible!! 
  • Win an award in Blood Bowl league or tournament play: While I still haven't won any awards at a BB tournament I did manage to take the 3 season Chaos juggernaut the Khorne R'Backs to the KUBBL 5 championship and win. It was a close fought thing at times but the powers of Khorne paved the way in blood.
  • Complete 12 monthly painting pledges at the Ogre Stronghold: I have managed to do this quite nicely! Except I didn't post my pledge in Novemeber I did complete it.
So there you have it. Not too shabby. In between the lines there I did pick up Necromunda and started assembling and painting a Goliath gang. Also worked on a bit of Streetbowl stuff. Also bought a house, moved, and changed jobs. Also started 3 different RPG groups/campaigns! And started doing my radio show twice a week! So it has been a busy time for sure.

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Paul of the Man Cave said...

As long as you had fun along the way its all good stuff! Maybe next year you need to add you beer tastings to the "to do" list :-)