Saturday, August 31, 2013

Progress Report 8/31/13 - And... check.

Today is the day... the last one of August!? What the heck? Where does the time go?

In between work and the atrocities inflicted upon me by my own body (aka summer allergies) I haven't managed to get too much painting done in the last week or so. I did pretty much finish up my Chaos Cup Legacy Team entry (minus the base), got my gaming table finished up, and suddenly a team of RATS appeared in the house and were stuck to bases. Next up... CHAOS CUP 2013. 

In the meantime we have pictures. Last one if my dog Remy having a little allergic freak out of his own. We itch!!!


Laughing Ferret said...

nice witch elf :) those rats are the team you're taking to Chaos Cup? If that's their current state of completion, maybe I won't feel so bad about being farther behind in my painting my team than I'd like to be ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice work so far. What range are the ratmen from?

Randroid said...

Haha... not taking Skaven to Chaos Cup. The orcs from the previous update will be hitting the tables for the first time (and my first time playing Orcs ever too).

The rats are from Black Scorpion in the UK. This is one of their newer releases. The scuplts are a little rough but I think that works ok for Skaven. The scale is a little big for my tastes but they are uniform in scale at least.