Monday, August 5, 2013

KUBBL 5 - Week 4: Glade Running away...

Damn dirty Wood Elves!! They were too slippery to splat effectively and we almost lost with a tie due to their crazy Agility! Lucky for the KRB the eyes of Khorne were watching and allowed a few timely armor breaks and KO rolls to even up the score and give the Khorne R'Backs the win. 

Going into this game the KRB roster looked similar to this (except with some dead weight and a lack of Guard):

Glade Runner took A Wizard, Halfling Chef, 2 x Wandering Apoth, 2 x BB, and a RR before kicking off to Khorne R'Backs. Though they tried hard to crush the elf magic of the Glade Runner the minions of Khorne only managed several KO before scoring on Turn 8 of the first half. Glade Runner finished the half with a pass for SPP.

Khorne R'Backs kick to Glade Runner going into the second half, who get a quick snap, and use their elf agility and speed to quickly score on turn 2 of the half. The Glade Runner kick to the Khorne R'Backs who fumble the ball around a bit before smacking down an elf and taking it back with Wobbledog breaking away from the elf bad touch to win the game 2-1.

Lots and lots and lots of 6s and 7s were rolled on 2d6 and very little was done in terms of casualties.

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